Stronghold use that frees up village shops

Currently the Stronghold has no GUI use. What about moving the shops into it, the ones that we have to convert, and give up at least temporarily, other shops in order to get. Just offhand that would be the Troop Barracks, the Alchemy Lab, and the Hunter’s Lodge. It could be done in so many ways as part of the game story line. At a certain level attainment of the Stronghold, a special cost (not that we need more resource uses), just part of a game update, or use imagination for a way. I know some players get so frustrated with having a shop unavailable. I have heard many times about someone wanting to create more of some item but that shop was currently a Lab in use, or they had no available builder to transform it. Future shops could be brought in this way also. Example interface idea: The Stronghold is tapped and a new screen appears. The screen background looks like the inside of a castle. On the left side of the screen is a tall single column giving access to the usual update and other options. The rest of the screen shows some set up of GUI icons for the shops/ departments inside the stronghold. Which you can tap on to gain the same abilities that are currently in the shops now. Since you are looking at a 3 screen deep interface, maneuvering into and out would be easy.

Yeah I can picture what you mean, basically a way to increase the number of max buildings.
We need this or something like it unless an entire new section of home base map is added on for buildings (which I wouldn’t be against as an alternative) because if any new building is envisioned from here on out… where does it go? I am glad I don’t want an alchemy lab and have to choose what to convert into it, nor do I want to have to wait days for a builder to be free just to to convert back and forth in between different buildings.

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