Stronghold to show production per hour

How about being able to click on your SH and have it show your food and iron production totals per hour? We can already see max storage but having a way to know exactly what you make each hour without manually calculating it would be nice :thumbsup:

I think it already tells you the exact amount. Unless that area that says production per hour means something different

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Maybe Eat-it wants to see the combined production of Watchtower, Mines and Farms per hour at the Stronghold.


And thing what might be useful to see is that how much food/iron is stored temporary in the Farms / Mines

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What I like to see is, clicking on the? Mark on each mine, farm and see their respective real-time production bar, just like it is in the watch tower.
We already know what farm and mine are for, just replace the description plate by real-time production rate bar, it will help to estimate when they will be full.


I just want to put my heroes and troops on diets so they dont need so much food when leveling up. seriously, what kind of person eats a ton of ham??

:grin: heroes…and they don’t stop until the last level of the talent tree.

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