Stronghold level

My Stronghold currently stands at 18. What are the benefits of going on to level 20??
Thank you for your input.

At level 20 stronghold, you can upgrade your training camp to 20, which will allow you to train all normal 3*, 4*, and 5* heroes. You can also get your forge to 20, which will allow you to craft tornadoes and miracle scrolls. Tornadoes can really boost your titan damage, and miracle scrolls can get you through challenge events


@NPNKY provides the best reasons. But it’s also the only way you will get to max out any other buildings - Watchtower, Farms and Mines for food and iron production, storage buildings increasing flexibility in leveling and crafting timing.

The biggest boost is not being able to move your TCs to level 20, its that you pick up a 4th TC.


Well that is true if you’ve already got a lot of heroes to level. If you’ve struggled to get 4/5* heroes, TC20 is the real prize. Just depends on your path to that point.

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Understood. And thank you all.

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