Stronghold level 25 lost

Recently I upgraded my Stronghold to level 25. This was very exciting as I knew I needed more advanced mines and would appreciate additional advanced storage units for food. I have fully updated the game and while looking at the missions I realized the Stronghold is showing as level 24 again! I saved iron and lost use of a builder for 12+ days after I upgraded my iron storage units to have sufficient to upgrade it only to lose it after a week or 2!?! I am Sick at the thought of progress simply disappearing. Please investigate and advise! It might have been due to the the last update.

You sure you didn’t upgrade to 24?

25 has only just been released and unless you spent diamands its not possible for you to have stronghold at lvl 25 yet.

Also lvl 25 doesn’t allow for more advanced mines or advanced storage units.


It is only 7 days ago that Stronghold Level 25 become available. It need more than 12 days to finish it.


Wow !! That must have cost this player a few thousands of gems skipping wait time for SH25 to complete construction.


I guess the basic question has been asked. Did you use gems to skip? If not, it’s not possible to be at 25. If so, you probably need to place a support ticket.


We were at level 23 for a really long time and I had to level up my mine storage many times and waited to update to 24 then went through it again soooo unless I was in a dream sequence…I don’t know! I will trust you over my memory and upgrade (again?). Thanks for taking the time.

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