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I’ve been playing for about 60 days now, I’m at stronghold 16 about to start building 17, realistically how far away in terms of time am I from strong hold 20. 4 mines, 3 at 15, 1 at 14, 8 farms all level 11, and iron storage 4 at 13, 1 at 14.

Training camps I have 3 level 13, 8 and 5. The other buildings I’m not heavily focused on right now. My watch tower is lvl 11.

This thread above and this link below can help you

I would estimate at least another month…prob closer to 6 weeks or so…Are you using 2nd builder? My son’s acct is around the same place yours is and I just completed tc20 on my alt acct. The critical buildings to get to tc20 are: ore storage roughly 2 levels beneath each stronghold level you are building…try to keep one training camp within shouting distance of your stronghold so you don’t get to stronghold 20 only to find you have to catch up your training camp…also make sure you have sufficient food storage space bc when you finally get finished building your tc20, you need approx 1.3 million food, and 1 week, to research legendary training…hope this helps.


Im at around day 120. Ive had stronghold 20 for a couple weeks. Your farms, mines, and watch towers seem fine for now. You’ll need all 4 mine storages at level 18 to have enough storage. The 2nd builder will help a lot even if you only do it for a month if you don’t like to spend.

You have to level up your iron’ll need all 4 iron storage at 18 to finish SH.

You’ve got a couple weeks really

Not to be contrary, but building just the tc20, sh20, and legendary training alone is 3 weeks…1 week per

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Don’t slack off on upgrading your Food Storage either. You will need to stockpile enough food in order to run that TC20 research. Although you won’t need them to be as high as your Iron Storage, but it’ll delay your progress by a few days if you don’t have enough Food Storage space.


You need 5 iron stores at lvl 18 to reach SH20

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My plan is once I’m at SH 17 to get all my storage to 17, happy with my mines atm all being 15, then once I start SH 18 I’m going to use the 2nd builder to improve my storage and farms. Then once I’ve gone around again and got storage upto 18 I’ll switch focus on one of my training camps and leveling that up to catch up.

One more thing I forgot to mention. You also need to make sure your houses have 100+ recruit capacity…legendary training requires 100.

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I’m going to be starting the week’s wait for SH20 later today when I get a builder free. I’ve been playing 101 days, so it should be done on day 108.

My alliance leader calls me a leveling maniac; it will be pretty hard to beat my time by much, @Enigma-MT, so two months looks more likely than one month. (Assuming you have VIP with two builders; far longer without it)

I’ve used a build plan which is ~97% laser-focused on getting TC20 ASAP. (My only builds that aren’t working directly toward that are a Barracks-3, and my forges are at 5 (under the barracks), 16 (for dragon attacks in events), and 8 (so I can craft anything up to axes when my big forge is busy or upgrading)

Iron storage is generally at the minimum needed for a SH upgrade. I store my food in TC13, so I just need to upgrade food storage for the minimum needed to do WT upgrades, forge, and training center research, and houses need to hold 72 (with TC13), and 102 (with TC20), and are much more convenient if they hold all the recruits I can haul in on a farming run of all my flags; 86 right now which generally covers it.

I’ve considered upgrading my low forge to 10 for mana potions and my big forge to 17 (timestops) or 18 (tornados), but that is going to be after TC20…

I also would have gotten there a tiny bit faster if I had slowed down upgrading my mines and farms and watchtower, but those are a long-term investment, even if they might have lost me a few days, even a week along the way. (WT is 17, Farms are all 16 except for one still at 15; Mines were going to be all 18, but I had a couple times where I had a free builder and not enough iron for my next project, they now are 18, 18, 19, 18->19) My TCs are 18->19, 13, and 11, according to my plan.

I started out with my mines and farms maxed to my stronghold level for max production. I was fighting food shortages for a long time. But at about your level I started getting serious food surpluses. Right now I’ve got 10M accessible food banked in TC13 (87 days), and a bunch more (but not accessible) banked in TC11 (69 days). You could probably safely stop upgrading farms at level 13 or 14, or whenever your food shortages seem to be a thing of the past even if you have several heroes to ascend all at once.

That said, they will be needed eventually. And once I get TC19 researched (there goes 1M food!) I’ll be having a minor rugged clothes burning party and make myself somewhere between 200 and 1000 1* feeders all in one day, before I get to TC20 :grin: So I don’t really regret my surplus, or getting my farms ahead of myself. It would have been more of a waste if I’d not had TC13 to bank it in, and been happy to get a the remaining 3* heroes I want (but mostly feeders) and a few more 4* heroes I’m happy to use–My first TC13 pull was Boldtusk!

One big advantage of delaying optional upgrades is that your iron production increases as you level up, especially the 33% bump when you get your 4th mine at SH15 up to match your other mines. The bump up leveling all your mines is modest in comparison, 3-5% per level, less at higher levels. Since you make iron faster, spending a lot of iron (storage buildings are particularly expensive) later when you are accruing it faster will save you time in the long run.

I worked this out for some members of my alliance and thought I’d share it here; it might help you too.

Full Build plan for TC20 (long, lots of gory details)

Training Center development schedule on the way to TC20:

  1. Get one training center “Alpha” to 11. You won’t ever need to upgrade this one again. Use it as your “Recruit Bank”. When you farm, store away recruits in it, and build the surplus up to at least a week, and try to keep it there. (More isn’t a problem; mine is ~70 days right now)
  2. Use TC “Baker” for swords and backpacks (TC1 & TC2), if you have enough to keep it running either while you are playing, or while you are away from the game. When you are out, switch it over to TC11 (if it is high enough level) or TC4 if it isn’t.
  3. Get your third, “Charlie” to 13, and use it as your “Food Bank”. It will also spit out 3* heroes every two days, with the occasional (3~5% chance) 4* for your roster. If you have surplus food, you can remove recruits from the recruit bank, and add them to the food bank; do the reverse when you need more food. (If you aren’t building up a food surplus, upgrade your farms….)

Training center development phase 2: (Stronghold 14~19)

  1. Take TC Baker (sword/backpacks) offline and upgrade it, catching up or keeping up with your stronghold. When it isn’t busy, run swords or backpacks as usual. (If you only have a little time between upgrades, you can run swords thru faster at a higher food cost with TC3.)
  2. Get your food storage upgraded so you can research TC19 and then TC20. Two at level 13 and one at level 12 is the minimum.
  3. With TC19 researched, if you have a good amount of food and recruits banked, you can burn through some rugged clothes you’ve been accumulating so far and make a ton of 1* feeders. (Make sure you have enough food to feed them to heroes if you make a big batch!) This can give your heroes a sudden growth spurt.

Training center development phase 3: Stronghold 20 achieved

  1. Build your last TC, “Delta” and upgrade it to 4 immediately. It will now switch between TC1/3, TC2, and TC4 when you have swords, backpacks, or are out….
  2. When you’ve run as much TC19 as you need for a while, upgrade TC Baker to 20
  3. Meanwhile, upgrade food storage so you can research TC20; Minimum is the new one @9 plus 12 and 2x13 that you needed to research TC19
  4. Next, or while you are researching TC20, upgrade your houses to hold at least 102 recruits, if it isn’t at that level already. (142 total should make the transfer a bit less tedious)
  5. When you have TC20 built and researched, move your food bank from TC13 Charlie to TC20 Baker. You’ll have to leave the one currently in progress to finish. You will have to move some into TC11 Alpha since 20 takes more food than 13. (TC20 makes a better food bank than TC13. It stores a bit more food, and more importantly, it generates far better heroes: ~75% 3*, ~20% 4*, ~5% 5*
  6. When TC13 Charlie puts out its last 3* feeder hero, upgrade it to 19.
  7. Upgrade TC4 Delta to 11
  8. At this point, you can upgrade Charlie and Delta to 20 as needed, along with upgrading other buildings.

SH20 looking for heroes: You will want to run Alpha at TC11, and could run all three others at TC20, until you pull a hero you want to level up. Then switch over to….

SH20 building heroes: You will still want to run Alpha at TC11, Baker at TC20, but the others will be making feeders, at some combination of TC1/3, TC2, and TC19 as you have the food and swords, backpacks, and rugged clothes available….and when you don’t, fall back to TC11.


Use the wiki to see all of the necessary build times:

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Yeah, I’m a level up maniac as well. I’ve been playing for 33 days, and I’m currently upgrading my iron storages to be able to get Stronghold 13. Just started producing on TC12.

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Me again, so I’m waiting for my last iron storage to reach level 18, now I’ve done the maths, and I’m still going to be short on storage space to level up to stronghold 20. Have they changed the amounts required or this how it’s always been, because everywhere I’ve read, it says when they’re all at lvl 18 you’ll be able to build stronghold 20. But I’m pretty sure I’ll be like 9000 short to build so will have to upgrade one to level 19.

I don’t think they have changed, Iron Storage 18 x 5 should be just about enough for SH20.

The stronghold itself has a small capacity for iron. Thats why 5 times lv18 is enough;)

I did SH20 this week. Iron storage at 18 worked fine :slightly_smiling_face:

Fair enough, just 5 storages at lvl 18 is 392k x 5 which is 1,960,000 and the amount required to upgrade the stronghold is 1,969,000. So I assume then the stronghold itself helps tip the balance.

Whups, I lost this tab in my browser and never posted this update…

(Now a ~month before today) I’m pretty much exactly on target with that. Stronghold 20 is finished. I’ve built my tiny house, food storage, and farm, and built my fourth TC to level 4.

I was impatient a couple times when I had a builder free, but didn’t have the iron for whatever was next on my build plan, so I used food to upgrade two of my mines from 18 to 19. I probably would have arrived here a few hours early if I had just waited on the iron without taking the mines out of service. Ultimately I’m ahead, even if it slowed down TC20 a tiny bit.

Fortress status, day 108:
Stronghold: 20
Iron Storage: 5x18
Food Storage: 2; 3x14
Houses: 2; 2x6; 9
Mines: 2x18; 2x19
Farms: 1; 15 (upgrading; 6h); 7x16
Watchtower: 17
Forges: 2; 5; 8; 16
Barracks: 4 (sitting on Forge-5)
Training Camps: 4; 11; 13; 19 (upgrading; 3d23h)

During the 4 days of this build I’ll be upgrading food storage so I can hold all the food to research TC20, and I’ll also be saving food for that. I used to have something upwards of 10M food banked away in TC13, but I ran TC19 for the better part of a day, and upgraded 7 4* troops after my barracks upgrade, and I spent it down to 460k food left that I could pull back out of it(!!!)

If I haven’t already, I’ll be upgrading my houses during the week of TC20 research. I was intending to have at least 140 recruit capacity to make it possible to pull two heroes worth out of my old TC13 food bank, and ease the transfer. :rofl: I completely spent the bank down, and ran without a food bank until I had TC20 researched, so I only took my recruit capacity to 102 at the time.

I’ve been delaying forge upgrades. I want to get it to 18 (timestop) and then 19 (tornado), but during upgrades and research, I wouldn’t be able to craft a few bombs or dragon attacks to spend iron. During long builds, my iron storage and mines get completely full. I’d much rather craft things than waste the iron!

I managed this by taking my smaller forge up to 12 so I could craft bombs and spend the iron while the big forge was upgrading or researching.

Late update: I got Azar out of TC20 on day 121 of playing the game, about one day ahead of my earlier guestimates on timing. Since then I’ve gotten another three 3* feeder heroes.


Thank you! This is great stuff! One of my alliance mates turned me onto this. I’m at 15 on most everything “important” this would have helped earlier. Will pass it on!

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