Stronghold and village

Stronghold and your village are topped out, what to do next. Part of the charm of the game is also upgrading your village. So either you create an extra extension to your village (there is a bridge) or create your own kingdom/ community with members of your allia where you can travel to and help each other out with upgrades. I regularly have to much iron and food. There are games out there that use this kind of gameplay.

The game could definitely use improvements in the city building part. Too linear, not much to do after a few tc20 is ready.

TC lv 25 with a chance Atlantic heroes and 30 for a chace of old HOTM, craft lv 25 for 4* mat and craft lv 30 for 4* specific color . Something like that?


A small basement in S2 map that could be upgrading at same time S2 is opening new areas.

There you can summon S2 heros and would be the perfect place for the Alchemy Lab.

Fully agree. After one year of active playing you have upgraded everything that is necessary, VIP players who have used their second builder for some months probably even have every single building at 20 (and thus lost one of the main incentives to buy VIP).

Two new types of buildings, that can be built via converting an existing building like it is the case with the barracks, have long been announced.

Also, new TC levels would be awesome. Colour-specific training with a chance of getting 5* heroes, trainings that have a small chance of getting Atlantis heroes or old HOTM after a certain cooldown. Maybe a new “generation” of trainable 4*/5* heroes (as there have been added a lot of new summonable heroes but no new trainable ones this year). Maybe enable the training of troops. And, it would be great to evetually have a use for all the farmable ascension material that is currently only needed for ascending heroes but not for training).

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