Stronghold 22/23...when/how? [Answer: Now Released! You may need to force quit and reopen the app.]

I believe your iron stores need to be 4 x lvl.20 and one advanced at lvl.2

Anybody know if new buildings will be started today? Looks like iOS and android have been updated

Nobody knows when exactly. When all players will update the game, that’s all is known so far.

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It will be before Wednesday, for the new challenge event. Monday, maybe?

Monday or Tuesday my guess. I think it will be a forced update for those didn’t wanna update till now (I don’t understand these players).

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Normally I’d agree, but after dealing with the new annoyances with leveling heroes, I wouldn’t have minded waiting to update :roll_eyes:

There is no certain amount of iron needed until the devs say what it is.

I have a builder waiting while the other is finishing the last level of my advanced iron storage. Be prepared

It’s more about making sure the update has propogated around the world in the google play store and apple app store.

They do random releases region by region to spread out the bandwidth usage over time.

I know… I was just saying I understand why someone who had the update available might choose not to install it…

■■■■ lazy players. :smiley:

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Not everyone has auto-update enabled, and even when you do, there’s sometimes a lag. I find that if I don’t manually go to the App Store it might be a day or two before my iPad decides to update all the apps.

Yeah, I had to update manually. I also play on bluestacks, which needs to be updated manually.

Correction: Advanced at lvl 5.

Auto is not necessary since the new rev has it post to your game page when you can download.

Lazy players are not as bad as those who have left the game. This is a big number which grows. Devs cannot tell them apart when waiting for all to update.

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Was that from beta? I don’t remember seeing it in release notes.

SG can always send a nice in-game “email” that it’s a go.

PS - in the email please include about 30 telescopes. Thanks!

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The version was released, but the requirements seem to be beta.

Just my take.

Why can’t I upgrade my stronghold to 22 I update to new version can you help?


It’s not available until everyone updates. Usually on Mondays they force everyone to update to log in.


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