Stronghold 21 - Where is Watchtower 21?

Ir could be easy. And extra level when you complete S2N, S2H , S3n etc. as reward for completion. This is far better than any worthless avatar. It would not have to be special just a buff up for the previous level. There was ALWAYS and need for ham

Do you agree if the advanced watchtower could be done by implementing raids between allies.
As rewards every 1000 points tokens for making event calls of all kinds.
Each raid with the following score:
won 5 pts
draw 3 pts
defeat 1 pts.

what do you think.

I would like some kind of mechanism where teammates can battle to test out their squads. Don’t know if I would want any reward system though. Just war practice.


That’d be great to choose a war buff for the practices.


That would be great, I take it w/o any reward. Just for the practise within the alliance. And for the fun!

Reward is for the players play without spending.

watchtower 21+ should come with appropriate steps of success in S2 and then S3. say every 5-8 proveniences

Now that the Stronghold is up to Level 25, isn’t it about time we make Watchtower upgrades to 25 available?

Sure could go for some extra food and iron now that everything costs 3mil of each to research and upgrade.

Post several months late I’m sure.



Upgrade WT to 21 open new Raid format arena, get bonus WE/RE/TE Energy… and Reset Emblem… I mean new Chest inside the Raid.

How come the Watchtower doesn’t allow any more upgrades, and is not upgraded with the new changes to the game to make it an Advanced Watchtower? It tends to help me when it stores, and adds new Iron when I run short, and adds storage to it. Also, that all was upgradable. Why hasn’t this followed the Advanced upgrades in many buildings? Will it get a face-lift to the new next level of power in-game, and still using food to upgrade it, as the game often doesn’t give enough Iron to do many upgrades?

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That’s why you need to level food / iron storage and then their advanced versions. TC20 can be an extra place to store food too.

You may heard this, many times before, but this game is a marathon not a sprint.

What is TC20? I have been playing for some time now but many Short-Names /Abbreviations still evade me. I wish there was a place where these Abbreviations ere displayed with their meanings also. I am leveling Food/Iron storage on regular basis, but Iron still in short availability. The game gives lots of Food(Great! ) , but keeps Iron in short availability. Still.

Training Camp Lvl 20

There’s a dictionary of terms, I’ll see if I can find the thread. Our moderators work overtime sorting and organising threads.

This is a really helpful thread too.

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good question. The extra levels could be tied into completion of part completion of S2,3 and X.

I’ve suggested revitalising the watchtower in the past. The empire part of the game is almost non existent. What if the towers we took in Season 1 got raided and the resources it produces were reduced until they were retaken?

So if you make the people that race the Marathon able to go faster, and farther the race can be more fun, ETC. Why did the Watchtower stop upgrading, and why hasn’t gone to an Advanced continuance? Still using Food to upgrade. Glad it doesn’t use Iron to upgrade as I wouldn’t be able to keep it going because we don’t get enough Iron to make it go in some cases. It was also was./is a place of storage. Still! I needed more Iron than is presently given, and I want a way to get more to keep going, as when you get higher up you need more of both Food/Iron to go forward. I spend some real bucks, and I want more in-game availability to include the Gems.

Perhaps you can add a vote here…

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