Stronghold 21 Material issue – I don’t have 5 Iron Storage Buildings

What plans are there for those of us that built an extra farm instead of 5 iron storage warehouses? As it stands now, we have no way to collect the materials needed to advance our stronghold to level 21. There has to be a away to fix this or you are going to see a bunch of people leaving the game.

You can convert back any building you changed…


This isn’t really possible.

The number of each type of building available is the same for everyone. It’s not possible to build extras of one building.

You may, however, have converted an Iron Storage to your Barracks.

If so, just convert your Barracks back to an Iron Storage, and convert a Forge instead.


I think you were not been able to build an extra farm instead of iron storage. Most probably you converted your existing Iron Storage into a Barracks (troops training).
In that case you can now revert this building back.


No, my barracks is a converted forge. I have 4 of each warehouse, 4 houses, 4 forges, 4 training camps, 4 iron mines and 9 farms.

I’m not sure this qualifies as a bug but there is no say I can upgrade my stronghold to level 21. I’m sure there are others that chose to build an additional farm instead of 5 iron storage warehouses. Without a 5th warehouse or an empty lot to build one, it is mathematically impossible to collect the materials required to upgrade the stronghold to level 21.

See this as well

No issue

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Do you have all of your iron storage maxed to level 20? I just started mine no issue.

You have 4 forges? I have 3. And 9 farms, 5 iron warehouses etc.
So I think, your barracks were an iron warehouse.


As @zephyr1 stated, the game does not allow you to build extra buildings of any type. Athough it may seem like you’re given options as you’re building your base, you are only given options of buildings you need to reach the max amount.

Everyone will always end up with the same amount: 9 farms, 4 food storages, 4 mines, 5 iron storages, 4 training camps,4 houses and 4 forges. 1 of these will logically be converted to a barracks, of course.


Not to mention, if you only had 4 iron storages, your stronghold wouldn’t be at level 20 either since you can’t hold enough iron with 4 maxed iron storages for the required 1 969 000 iron needed. Then you must have 5. On the other hand, I don’t think you can convert an iron storage to barracks either. At least you can’t convert it to hunters lodge or any of those other upcoming buildings, but only to an iron storage. Do you have any extra land to build an extra storage?

Do screenshots of your entire base and let us see!


Agreed! This is the best way for the community to help you as we’ve found buildings ‘hiding’ before :grin:


Barracks can not be built on any storage. But easy to lose track of farms and iron storage.

9 farms and 5 iron storage makes it difficult to group together since you have groups of 2x 3 lots and 7x 4 lots.


I forgot about this for a minute, thanks for the reminder.


Wasn’t that changed at some point? I thought there was some point long ago when storage buildings could be converted too.


It WAS possible, yes.

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But I hope the server update Devs automatically unconverted any Barracks on storage for all inactive accounts when the change was made.

This is a common cause of SERVER update crashes if not handled in the correct method.


The OP stated, s/he has 4 forges, but only 4 warehouses, so it MUST be that the warehouse is changed into the barracks. Math doesn’t have any other solution for this? Or am I missing something?

It may be that the last one is merely ‘misplaced’. There was a thread recently with a similar concern - a player could not upgrade as they didn’t have enough food or iron (I forget which).

Once screenshots were provided the ‘missing’ building was found. The player was also given helpful information on how to move buildings and arrange them so Play is easier :laughing:

Let’s see what the screenshots show once provided.



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