🏗 Stronghold 21, Hunter's Lodge, Titan Battle Items & Advanced Buildings FAQs

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Is it possible that SH21 adds some extra food capacity so you don’t need the advanced storage?

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You’re welcome!

It didn’t in Beta, and no other Stronghold Level has ever changed that base 10k of Food that’s stored outside of the Food Storage Buildings — but sure, it’s possible that may have changed. :slight_smile:


Hi, thank for this post, i found really helpfull, i would like to know something more about the buildings that will come with stronghold at lvl 23 and 25, is there any info about them? thanks anyway. :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome!

Neither the Alchemy Lab nor the Hero Academy has entered Beta yet, so no information on them is available yet.

But when they do, I’ll post about them in a new Beta Beat thread. :slight_smile:


From @LEN1N78’s table, checking to make sure I have this right–every member of the alliance gets 1,3 or 8 titan parts depending on the total number of harpoons thrown, regardless of whether the titan is killed. Correct? If so, as we start building titan parts, does it make sense to take a break from our current alliances to start new ones with 2 members and hit 1* titans with 10 harpoons to get 8 parts each for the 2 people with 10 harpoons thrown? Seems your harpoons would go farther at the lower * levels. I know there are other reasons to stick with 12*'s but …

No, this isn’t correct.

The number of Titan Parts is tied to both Loot Tier and hitting the Harpoon Target Levels.

Tracking for that has started over here: Titan Parts Loot Tier Drops

Additionally, it’s likely that the rarity of the parts dropped is related to Loot Tier, in the same way that higher star Titans have better chances of dropping rarer Ascension Mats in those slots.

So higher star Titans at the least have more rolls for Titan Parts, and likely also will give more of the rare ones on average over time.

You’d also obviously be significantly reducing all other Titan loot just to chase Titan Parts, which are mostly useful for killing bigger Titans…if you’re already successfully killing bigger Titans, that seems a bit counterproductive to me, unless you were just trying to stock up in anticipation of 13* and 14* Titans.


Gryphonkit, and I, just discussed Watchtower Level 20.

Without Watchtower, only mines can be upgraded with food, making the second builder less of a bonus for players with Watchtowers Level 20.

Perhaps the Alchemy Lab and the Hero Academy could be built with food.

5* Battle items can be used for 5* rare titans, and for Bosses ( looking at you Mother North ). Unfortunately most 5* Battle items only effect one enemy, but many effect multiple allies. I am most interesting in Panacea ( always useful ), Harpoon ( six turn attack debuff and defense debuff versus stunned titans ), and Caltrops ( rare titan ).

Personally I would build Hunter’s Lodge just for Harpoon ( SIX turns of Attack -25% AND Defense -30% if used against a stunned titan ) and Panacea ( all heroes regain 500 HP, cured of status ailments and gain Attack +30% and Defense +30% for 3 turns ). But it will have to wait at least until I have Advanced House Level 2.


so I got some questions:

  1. the titan parts - I understand that they drop for the whole alliance. how does that work? based on number of harpoons used we get a number, lets say 5, and then everyone gets 5 parts? same or each member gets 5 random parts?
  2. advanced buildings - do I understand correctly that the SH level determines how many buildings of each type you can convert, but once converted it can be upgraded regardess of SH level?

I answered basically the same questions in this post two before yours, so this is a good starting point:

Yes, this is correct.

All of the new Advanced Buildings can be fully maxed to Level 10 with the Stronghold at Level 21.

Additional buildings are stated to unlock at SH23 and SH25.



  1. I see, basically based on titan loot tier and harpoon usage tier, we get a number of rolls on titan parts. that makes sense - no need to reinvent the wheel.
  2. but there are more than 3 of each building type. do they unlock more than 1 additional building at a time or will we be limited tomaximum 3 advanced buildings of each type?
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  1. Correct
  2. As far as I know, we are limited to 1 of each type at SH21. I believe that at SH23 and SH25, we will be able to do an additional farm, mine, iron storage and food storage. Maybe a house. We will be limited to 1 each Hunters Lodge, Alchemy Lab and Hero Academy

I don’t know if this would be of any interest to anyone. Advanced house recruit collection. Also, no new missions showed up when I built/collected.


Hi, I have some doubt regarding the new buildings. I have 3 forges (levels 20, 10 and 9) and 4 houses (levels 20, 3x17), everything else is maxed. Now, in order for me to convert them to Advanced House (AH) or Hunter’s Lodge (HL), do I need them to be at Level 20? Or, can I just convert a level 9 forge to HL and a level 17 house to AH?

A level 5 or higher building can be converted to the Hunter’s Lodge. Advanced versions of buildings, however(house, mine, farm, iron storage, food storage) need to be level 20 to convert.


Okay, thank you so much kind sir. That makes sense. So I will just work on my houses until my SH reaches 21.:slight_smile:


You’re welcome :slight_smile: 20 characters.


If they mean to convert I think they only have to be level 5

Question I will be the first to have the lvl 21 stronghold in my alliance is it smart for me to start with the harpooning by myself? I think I will have 2-3 more people get to that lvl within a week or so, what do you think I should do wait and build up a surplus of harpoons and wait till the others catch up or just start shooting away and hope for the best. Your imput is greatly apricated and will be listened too!!

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It depends a bit on what level Titans you’re fighting, but particularly at higher star Titans, the number of Harpoons required for the Titan to drop Titan Parts would be fairly resource intensive for a single player to sustain.

Given the short time until other players in your alliance will be ready to make Giant Harpoons, I’d be inclined to stockpile them in the meantime, and also begin working on other building upgrades.

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ty for the quick reply our alliance is in the 6-7 star range we only have a few people that actually attack the titan its like 10 out of 28 people that might actually put a dent in it

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