Strongest rainbow or weaker color stack

Level 13 in springvail. It has green blue enemy’s. Blue boss

Wondering what is best

Khagan melendor boldtusk wu kong hansel

Or assemble the higher power level team

you are lacking hitters so it will take some time.

I would use 1 healer and throw a hitter in there.

I may try

Khagan Tiburtus BT Magni Hansel

Wu is great but I don’t think needed.

This level has only green blue opponent’s so why use purple?

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I like his Defense down vs the opponents. That is like have a mini Wu that works.

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Boldie Mele Hans Khage Wu

Small mana, medium mana, arrows and axes/bombs/dragons whatever you have of those.

Heal, control mana a bit and activate hyper-tile-damage…
Calm down the bosses by blinding them and nuke them while lowering their defences at the same time.

If you’ll be able to save some gems for the bosses, Wu would do the job.

Meanwhile the most dangerous boss can be managed by Hans.

Good luck.

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I went with

Bt. Khagan melendor tiburtus hansel and lost to the boss…

Try again.

Was it close?

Got Proteus? He would solve your rabbit problem a.s.a.p. :wink:

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No proteus… i dont have enough material s for mana and i cant farm them becuase i need the energy for the raid…

Hansel is good. Wu is ok.but i think tibertrus did gave me some air. All the rest of my heroes without the def. down just feels like forever shooting to no avail. And kahagn is so slow so they start to be dead before we start make some hole…

I even used bombs and didnt succeed.

I need to rethink it.

The rabbit can be handled if i come with all of my heroes

Maybe boril? Cyprian?

I am just not strong enough maybe for now

Could be, at xmas I wasn’t able to clear all stages, too. Finished 17 out of 24 hard, if I remember correctly. Tried the next stage 6 or 7 times with no luck. Was Mother North and she was not willing to die. I thought of being non-beatable with her and was so happy to pull her twice. Imo she’s the most powerful hero in the game.

Afterwards all my recources were gone and I had to farm a few weeks to fill em again.

Took me about 6 month to reach a point, where all quests, trials and events were reachable.

,wow… i play for about 2 month. But i hate to surrender…i will try again later with carful healing. Maybe tibertus instead of khagan?

Ok… i did in the end…

Elkhanan. Justice. Boldtusk. Magni. Frida.

Stupid group but it worked!..

Ok… next level allot easier

Purple yellow green

Bt. Tiburtus. Justice. Wu kong. Rigard

@King_Nothing tiburtus is really an asset. Thanx

Tibs is awesome with his defense down. if you fire bt and him at once its ugly for them.