Strongest MINION

Hello all,

just curious, what would be the end result for a minion under next conditions :

  • Krampus, Santa, Mother North = 20 % HP, 20% ATT
  • Freya Attack buff
  • Frosth Attack + HP buff

(I excluded Noor, since she wouldnt fit overally as much into this def team

  1. What would be % of HP for minion and what % for ATT
  2. How much dmg would single minion do (in comparison to tile dmg)
  3. Any other important statistical data, you can come up with

Thank you for the quick math info! :slight_smile:

I’ve no idea, but interesting topic and Happy Cake Day!!


Happy cake day @Cerevan_the_Omni! :cake:

Have an awesome day! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Noor would produce a stronger minion with freya and frosty.

Noors minions are the strongest baselevel

You’d have the best starting point with Noor for her already strong minions (Sorry if you meant Noor and not Norns in your original post)

Yes, I meant Noor.

Thank you for reminder, I now edited original post

Since I got only 1 piece of cake (next to my name), I have to celebrate proportionally :smiley:


MN/Santa/Krampus provide a 10% minion. If you have all three, the family bonus will treat those all as 20% attack and defense.

Freya minion would boost the Christmas minions to essentially 44% attack (20% * 120%) and 20% health still.

Frosth will add 30% to the original minion so that 20% minion becomes 26% and with Freya buff it will have an effective attack of 57%.

I’d call that about half of a tile For the three Christmas heroes. Add in the Freya minion and the Frosth minion and each defense hero will hit for what I’m rounding to about one tile.

That was some quick and dirty math. This requires timing this correctly. Ideally you’d rather have a Freya minion than a Christmas hero minion.

You can add emblems to scale these numbers as you’d like.

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Great, thank you :slight_smile:

Seems powerfull. And those minions with Frosth HP increase and Freya def boost make them impossible for Skadi to beat, while Uraeus sand will look silly in a wave of minions :slight_smile:

We just dont wish the Goatmaster Grimble around and its a certified win :slight_smile:

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I don’t see Frosth as value add to this team. In normal raid formations you’ll have the left side be MN - Krampus - Freya. You can either double blue on flank leaving Santa on the wing or reverse that. If Santa is on the wing I wouldn’t be concerned with him when I attack. If Frosth is on the wing, his buff to minions is so tiny and more likely to just overwrite other minions.

I can see Santa’s presence helping MN/Krampus. I just don’t see Frosth being the difference maker in this defense.

Since you’re missing a Holy hero, Odin and Drake come to mind as good choices for right wing. I’d even rather have a hero like Vela for the attack down on the enemy making it even harder for them to kill your minion horde.


I was thinking something like :

Mother North - Krampus - Santa - Freya - Frosth

If Frosth doesnt do much, I would switch Krampus and Freya flank positions and put Seshat on right wing.

Point is minions, specificaly strongest minions…

There could be better minion team compositions with Pussnboots and Lotl maybe, but those minions arent strongest :wink:

I have no educated opinion but I can still wish you a Happy Cake Day!

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I run this defense with Gulli currently as the holy. His health boost behind the minion shields work well on both offense and defense.

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Good call. And the occasional Gully minion for being a druid would help too.

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