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Hello !
I would really like to know who decides those alliances must clash in war … We have been assigned an opponent with over 10 000 points ally more than us … it’s like you have already decided who has to win. As a leader I am very tempted to withdraw all the members from this battle, which will not have the taste of suspense as we all realize the superiority of the opponents … Winning or losing should depend on the skill and strategy of the two opponents of same level, but in this case I think the victory has already been decided at the start


SG’s computer matches alliances by Titan Score at the time the matching was done.

You and your allies are rewarded for playing, win or lose. You literally have nothing to lose, and might surprise yourselves by what you can achieve. Set you strongest defenses, coordinate your attacks, and good luck!


Many play for prizes, I will be an incurable romantic, but I like to fight trying to win, if I played for prizes it would not interest me much … the war should be interesting to develop strategies, test your heroes and your skills, not to get prizes. If instead of the prizes you used the victory / loss points to increase or not the points of the ally, it would be much better

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Rewards for winning: pure crap (axe attack, feathers - just a fantastic joke). Last time i scored over 500 points - and the rewards for the 1st place - as above. So don’t worry and partcipate. You won’t lose anything.


One could argue that the time taken to participate is lost, time that could be spent on entertainment that actually has value to the participants.

I’m not saying they don’t stand a chance or shouldn’t try, but the fact that some cliche and a speech about teamwork is the only response anyone can give as to why they should forge ahead is rather pathetic.

Fact is if they don’t feel it’s worth it, they shouldn’t be told to just play the game anyways. There’s nothing wrong with trying to help but telling folks to ignore how they feel about the matching system doesn’t help the game grow to a point where everyone can enjoy it.


There’s always something admirable when you fight against people stronger than you. It’s about the spirit of not giving up and challenging yourself. It may require more hard work and alliance coordination but if you guys manage to pull it off your alliance will grow closer and stronger as a result. Even if you lose you can settle with the fact that you didn’t give up and use that as motivation to improve and get stronger.


As a leader, you could also choose to say: “Hey, the odds seem stacked against us, but let’s give them a fight for it and show them what’s we’re made of”. Who knows, maybe you’ll be surprised and get a good fight?

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So far our Matchups have been fairly even. Our match up on this next upcoming war however…

Our score: 107473 (Trophy: 55746, Titan: 51727)
Their score: 89022 (Trophy: 40494, Titan: 48528)

This doesnt look too even to me.

is what i say to the members in my ally… ok guys, they are stronger, but we are very sinergic and coordinate… let go and fight well…

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Good luck! Would be great fun for you to beat them!

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Using the titan mechanic seems to produce some variability based on if a titan is killed (big bump up) or lot (decreases over time).

It all comes to strategy, coordination between players and actual heroes roster. If you only have 5 leveld up heroes - it’s bad, but actually unlevelled 3s do help a lot if you use them right :slight_smile: I’m sure you can win it :slight_smile:

Good luck Althea :slight_smile:


The matchups are based on Titan score only. Looking at that, you are only 3,199 points away from your opponent.

I have to comment on this because I’ve had numerous ppl ask me about this post, I am also Althea in game, leader of House of Turpitude.

Stop looking at alliance score and look at individual teams, what do they normally run. They could have a great team but their bench could be shyt.

Put a little more faith in your alliance, good luck.


Hi Thea,
We’re your current AW opponent please contact our leader on alliance banner for war hits video, thanks.

Hi just try your best hopefully you can pull off a victory. They might have a strong defense but probably weaker teams good luck post your final score.

I’m not gonna give you the whole c’mon you can do it mumbo jumbo.
I’m just gonna be straight up HONEST & REALISTIC & tell you, you’ve already lost. So save your team the headache & time waisted & just take a break.

The matching system doesn’t work.

I can be matched up with Mike Tyson & there will be ppl here telling me I have a fighting chance.
Sorry pal, I’d like to keep my ears.

I’m pretty sure that the outcome of the battle which occured in april of last year, is now decided.

Since that time the war matching system has changed considerably (perhaps due to player feedback)

War mismatches still occur, and are frustrating, but winning against a stronger opponent sure feels good (and does happen) Deciding you have lost in advance does tend to prove accurate :wink: And the good news is no ears are injured trying :smile:

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Hi match making does suck but I’m always told that it’s based on hero’s that we have and that our alliance must be stacked. Let’s say if we were stacked we have 3 teams over 4000 but our next members are at 3700 and so on down to 2600 . Now our current opponents have 9 at 4000 3 at 3900 and 4 at 3800 and so on their lowest is 3000. Even if the top 3 have deep teams how are we matched up equally. We battle anyway even if we lose to gain experience and have fun with it.

We were doing ok on war matchups. Then suddenly…lost 4 in a row! …last war there lowest team was 3400, we had 5 members under that. They had 8 players over 4000. We had 2. We lost. The last three wars were all similar. Recently we merged with another alliance. We now have 3 members at level 15. Our newest opponents lowest player is level 28, and his team is showing tp2900, the next couple of their players are even higher.
Have to admit, don’t think the war matching has been fixed! Lol. Praying we don’t get creamed too badly.
Question, we have several players who went nuts at Christmas and bought several 10pulls. They have many many heroes now, not leveled, but many 5s. Is that why we are suddenly matched against such strong teams?

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