Stronger teams all around losing to weaker attackers

It makes no sense that weaker teams are smashing my defense consistantly. When i revenge attack the same team will take several hits at less than 100 and still be standing with weaker team troops and gem attacks unbalanced. I have been consistently been beaten and i can’t revenge on weaker teams. This is becoming sickening to play a game where you cannot defend your base.
Screw the board if i have a higher level, stronger team and troops and can’t defend my bases.

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So you are basically asking for the people who spend money to be advantaged by the game

Aka “Money beats smartness”…


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“You know nothing, Jon Snow”… welcome to the E&P world, where David often kicks Goliath’s ■■■ :wink: Anyway, there is no way to know what team somebody used to attack you, don’t judge them by their defense teams…


Isn’t a bug, it’s a feature…

If you use color stacking you can defeat those with more than 200 power above you easily, and if you are lucky, maybe 500 power above.

My main attack team consist of 3 purple and 2 blue (3300 TP), I have no trouble against opponent with yellow tank 3500 TP, even 3/70 Guin.

And this is my cup dropping defense:

That is 900 below my actual team.

So don’t judge your opponent’s attack power based on displayed defense.


I won’t repeat what was said before me, but would like to add that many times choosing the right combination of heroes is more important than raw team power.
This is true both in terms of position and how well their specials work together.

If your defense or offense teams aren’t balanced, you won’t do as good.
For example, Zimkitha, Kiril, and Boldtusk are all very good heroes. However, all of them have +attack special (which does not stack!) so using them all together is not really effective.

Instead of your raging post, I suggest that you open a new one with your roaster and ask for help to set up a defense team.
As for raiding, this is also dependant on personal preferences.
Some like to play 3-2, some mono, some 2-2-1 etc. But either way, you need to think what is best suited to your play style, and to what you have.

Best of luck.


I don’t like to say it: but maybe you need to learn to play? :frowning: If you expect to win simply because of your statistics then you will be disappointed. Especially if you can’t win against weaker players then you either bring the wrong team or you make the wrong moves on the board.


Oh no … my plan was to use both Boldtusk and Kiril in my defence team with Onatel, Tiburtus and Caedmon… is this a bad idea?

I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad idea, just not ideal. You can offset their mana charge rates a bit by putting one on the wing and one on flank. That way, the flank healer will charge faster from tile hits, and they’re less likely to fire at the same time and overwrite each other.

Something like Caedmon - Kiril - Onatel - Tiburtus - Boldtusk would work.

Many thanks for the advice. It’s much appreciated. Just waiting for the mats to finally max Kiril.

Since it’ll rarely happen, that both are charged at the same time, it wouldn’t be much of a disadvantage to field both. Boldie as tank and Kiril far left will probably be one of the best setups of those two to heal and support your fast snipers.

Many thanks. Much appreciated

I am fairly new to the game, 5 weeks of play. I am now at 2400 for my 1st team. I beat 2900s all the time. I have two 4s that are 3.40 and eight 3s maxed out. I am trying to avoid spending (0 so far) and win with skill. I try different tactics with different heroes to win raids. Not trying to be rude, but maybe you should try improving your game play because that is just as important as the strength of your heroes. Each raid needs a different plan of attack. Open each opponents hero to look for signs of weakness and attack them. Also look for signs of potential dangers. One tip that has helped me is… avoid attacking heroes with the board that heal players. Usually their mana will fill before you can kill them. Wait until you have a couple heroes with full mana and strike them down. Good luck

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I have a chronically weak team, nothing really maxed out. Mix of 5* and 4*.
Yet I got into the top 14 raiders for 5 minutes.
It’s selecting the right team, often mono.
Getting the right board
Working the board, to get the combinations and targeting the kill OR delaying a special.

Lots of fun

I killed some big boys :slight_smile:

Such is life for the E&P world. Sometimes you get dealt with boards so bad you can’t even win no matter how you dissect it and sometimes boards are so good you can beat any team. My best team currently is a 3300 with all four stars and I have defeated teams way higher than me. I have even won a 3900 team on defence and taken down a 4100 team on revenge. Not trying to brag about this but it’s strategy and maybe a little bit of luck at times that can win you matches.

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As others suggested, it is not that bad. It was just an example and I deliberately add Zym to the mix to have 3 heroes with the same special.
In an ideal world, you may prefer to switch one of them with another healer, lets say Rigard.
But first and foremost I always start with “use what what you have” because we all have heroes we want and don’t have yet but that doesn’t help us.
I sometimes use Kiril and Boldtusk together too, because they are the only healers I have on last ascension (Kiril maxed, Boldtusk soon to be maxed). My Melendor is waiting for shields (which MN may get first) and I only got Rigard recently so he’s not strong enough yet.
When I use both of them (mainly on the map) I try to use their special in turns so I don’t override the attack boost, and in case I am in need of two heals, I always use Kiril first so that BT’s higher +att will override Kiril’s lower +att. I also don’t use Zym in this case although she’s my only maxed 5* because I feel it is a waste of a special. Instead I can take Gormek for example and enjoy the -def special.

The idea is to try and maximize what you can do by mix-and-match of what you have and what/who you are fighting.
Once you have enough heroes and realize you don’t need to always use the same team for everything, you can do a lot better in all aspects of the game (map, raids, war, titans).
The most static set up is the defense team that is only changed when you train a very good hero high enough, but all other teams should be dynamic.

The defense team you see is likely not their attack team.

My defense team is ~3200TP but I’m attacking with over 4k.

The OP lost the attack too, even though the OP used attack team with TP above the opponents.

It is unfortunate the OP didn’t provide the attack team used and the opponents’s defense so we can’t determine clearly what went wrong…

this needs to be repeated over and over:
you have NO IDEA what team smashed your defense team, none, nada, zilch, keiner!

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