Stronger loser

The stronger I get, the more I lose. It really gets me frustrated. What’s going wrong with this game? I’ll list up a few of the issues I’m facing for quite some time now. (Talking about months, not just a few days).

  • No matter what colour of healer I use, I barely get their colour on the board until their dead. And yes, even fast healers are useless most of the time. So I’m thinking of playing without healers in the future.

  • If I’m not playing with a rainbow but just 1-4 colours I have the same issue as with the healers. The colours I don’t use flood the board and the ones I use come up when the hero(es) is/are dead.

  • Often I have enemies left with under 10 health points which in return kill my (almost) healthy heroes.

If it wasn’t for my alliance, I would have quit the game already.

That can be frustrating.

The way I usually run on raid offense is 3-1-1 or 2-1-1-1 with two healers that are not of the primary color. It works for me, but you might not like it.

What I can say about it is that you will usually get at least one healer off in the fight, so that’s the upside. The downsides (maybe) are that this will usually result in longer fights as you will be using the three non-healers to mostly kill the enemy side one at a time.

I say maybe because I don’t see it as a downside. Raids are my favorite part of the game, so I really enjoy long fights and having to change up my strategy as the fight progresses.

I feel for you to. I find my defense being beaten by lowly teams, but opponents with a defense rating high than my team lose.

It really does feel that RNG is manipulated somehow depending on who raids you and who you revenge based on power.

that’s a good point to think

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