Stripping Boldtusk

So I originally emblemed boldtusk when I had a lack of 5stars to use the emblems on.

Now however if I was to take the emblems off of him I could have my Poseidon at +20 ( he is at 12 currently) I use boldtusk on one of my war teams, but he no longer comes out for titans as its pointless when I use Gazelle as my attack buffer.

Whereas I use Poseidon on both my war D and a different war attack team.

Teams as below:

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Normally I would say no,
I’m in identical position like you, I need more emblems for Poseidon and I have BT+18(and probably I won’t strip him)
You have Anzogh and Redhood(kinda) for healing so I think your BT isn’t your main red healer and you can strip him for Poseidon


But… If Poseidon is on your defense team, your decision is clear.

I faced a similar dilemma when I pulled Gravy, took every emblem and gave them to Gravy. However, Boldie is already back to 18 emblems as I use him in one of my war teams and is indispensable with events / tournaments.

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Embleming up a hero is a long term investment, I’ve reset more than a few 4* just to emblem up my 5* faster, and I really regret it. Mostly because turns out in the end I still use those 4* quite a bit, and restored them back to +18 later down the road anyway, and I lost tens of millions of food/iron and probably a literal dozen reset emblems in due process.

Poseidon+12 vs +20 isn’t a whole lot of difference, but put +18 on BT and he basically becomes a 5* especially since you also have his costume. Keep the emblems on him.

Also btw, BT with costume only needs a lv 5 mana troop to fire in 9 tiles, Anzogh and Red Hood will still need a lv 23 troop to do that. So from that perspective BT is a much more valuable healer than either. Sumle being slow and no costume bonus, even with the 4% mana bonus the best you can do is have one tile with a lv 5 troop, so I wouldn’t even bother putting a mana troop on the guy since it’s basically wasted.


I say halll naw.

But I lean on my Boldtusk quite a bit.


Boldtusk is a 5* dressed as a 4*… smart players see through that disguise… I would think twice before taking his emblems away.


I’ve got mine at +20 and no intentions of stripping him. BT is still to this day my overall favorite multipurpose tool in the entire kit.

That being said… war defense is very important. As much as I love my BT for everyday use, he does not make my defense team. Fortunately for me, he uses different emblems than my main defense heroes, so there is no dilemma there.

In a case where your defense team has a fighter on it… I would actually probably strip the emblems from BT in favor of a stronger defense. With of course the full intention of re-embleming BT later on once I got more emblems.


I have 2 cBT maxed and emblemed - one +18 and one +19. The former is emblemed focused on defense+health for the Fighter BT, the latter for Monk BT.

I use both every war, one in a red stack and the other in my Skadi team. Love both! I´m nowhere near of resetting any of them… The other fighter worth of emblems I have is Magni +18, so I´m just hoarding those emblems for now.

Tough choice for you, but I think it comes to how useful is the hero for each person in the game!


If you use BT at all I’d say leave him as is.


Here I thought someone was announcing a new costume for Boldie. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have two Boldtusks at +20 emblems each, one has talent path that is best for his original abilities, the other has talent path better suited to his costume abilities - essentially, if I want to bring out the bigger healing version of him, I’ve got him ready to go.

BUT… I should really pay attention to how often I actually use him in war, because I only rarely use him in raids anymore - once in a while, but not often. If I don’t use them BOTH in war, maybe I should yank emblems off of one (or both) to put onto Tyr, who is sitting around +9 only.

Good gaming!


What a horrific thought.

Your Batchelor party would end real quick if Boldy walked on stage for his saucy dance. :rofl::face_vomiting:


Or maybe it was another thread about male/female clothing. Orc muscles for the win.

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Lol yes the title was deliberately confusing in that way, it’s the effect of having a father who was a tabloid headline creator.

So I made the push and took all the emblems off BT. He is next in line to get them again and will get back to 20 much quicker again. This coming war will be the first test.

BT really only now gets used in that team, which is very much a quick kill team, I’ve noticed if it’s a long battle the survivability from emblems typically leaves just him alive anyway and the rest dead. My main red healer is my Grazul, and I am also just on the last leg of finishing a C-Rigard also. I am pretty set for healing in general.

Thanks everyone for the thoughts and opinions.


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