Strip Finley/Seshat of emblems for Gefjon?

With everyone gearing up to spend spend spend to pull Gefjon next month, do you keep the emblems on Finley or Seshat, or strip them down and throw the emblems on Gefjon instead? I say they go to Gefjon!

This seems a bit premature. However, Finley’s full AOE potential is more valuable than single target shot of Gefjon, assuming you have all 3.


I think gefjorn will be a hero that we ascend but don’t emblem, kind of like fenrir. If you have a different option, take it. Ya it’s cool he can steal a minion…but beyond that he’s just a sniper who hits hard. Again, I like him, I think he’s good I think he’s worth pulling for…but removingemblems from seshat or Finley? No thanks. I’d still choose either one 10/10 times.


I agree with this notion. Super excited to get him because red is in dire need of a red heavy hitter. But I don’t think I’m gonna strip Seshat for him. I have Finley too but he’s at 3/70

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I’d say 3rd set of emblems for gefjon. Dont think we’re gonna see alot of Gefjon on Defense. Too many much better red defense heroes, so emblems arent as big a deal.
Personally dont have finley but would not strip my seshat

I agree with others. Both Seshat and Finley are great on defense teams and I’m saving for Gefjon too, but he doesn’t seem as well suited for defense as these two. He’ll be an offensive hero that gets used a lot and people will use 'blems on him only if they have spares or nobody better to put them on.

If you’re fortunate to have that dilemma, props to you first off. But I’d keep them on Finley hands down. That multiple defense down is clutch and devastate a whole team. He has game changing abilities. Gefjon is one dimensional, all out knuckle puck on one hero. Maximizing a lineup with ability/hero Finley hits and defense down, setting everyone else up in the process. Gefjon simply hits. But boy does he ever hit.

Just FYI, Gefjon is a woman.


Lol all these he comments were making me cringe lol.


I’d say honestly I dunno. Her stats are pretty nocive and we still don’t know how dangerous that “'steal minion” feature will work (or not work). I (think) would not get emblems outta Finley and send to a single target sniper today, but who knows.

Everything depends on other heroes of the roster… at first sight I wouldn´t strip any 5* hero unless is sink in the bottom of the bench.

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When Telluria was everywhere in defense, it would have been great to prioritize Gefjon. Now she’s nerfed and a lot of top teams use another tank so I don’t think Gefjon will be needed as much in offense as one could have previously expected.

Give it a week prob be changed to a dude.

Lol. Would that be a buff or nerf? :grin:

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I dont know about that. In war I’m still seeing mostly Tells in the top 25 wars

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