[Strike Action] It's time to make a stand!

Ok, now they silently nerfed Atlantis rising and we just spent our loot tickets and so scarce flasks for getting equal or worst loot than regular Atlantis?!

I’m just a simple “Joe”, but in my option I think that Top100+ Alliance leaders should discuss ways to call SGG to reasoning.

If Top100+ Alliance leaders (>3000 paying customers) make a stand, we could get the game that we love back.

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Why do you think they nerfed loot?

The top 100’s opinions don’t mean much tho until u get into the top 20. Only group I’ve seen have the biggest sway over SG. Just glad we finally got 14* titans back even tho it’s too little too late now that we’re already pretty advanced beyond those…


Hi @dbotelho

I’m with you, if you can show your data.


I think he’s refering to the bug that was communicated and confirmed yesterday reducing the recruit loot.

I think SGG should give something back, mainly loot tickets, given that A LOT of people start farming like crazy out of the gate and got screwed by that.

When I started playing I remember them giving out some flasks because of server problems, I think this would be a show of good will. 30 or 50 loot tickets for instance would make sense I think.


Can you link the bug? I missed it i guess

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If that’s the case, then I’ll flag it to the mods for merger consideration :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks, yea totally missed that. Guess cause i typically just farm with my recruit storages maxed.

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Nothing i can do about it though. Hope you find someone that can, best of luck

This Atlantis “nerfing” is just the tipping point, I can name some more issues that SGG just ignore and that is truly hurting this game:

  • Costumes (half baked solution);
  • Alchemy Lab;
    • Not solving unbalanced mats distribution;
  • Not giving us “Heroe Academy” by the end of the year (and probably it will be a waste);
    • No clear path to solve the dupes issue;
  • Gem cost/Summon odds;
    • Something must be done here;
  • 4* ascending mats dropping rates;

Maybe I’m the only one seeing this as an issue :man_shrugging:


4* mat rates i feel are where they need to be without speeding up the game too much, but I’ve felt that way for quite awhile.

Summon odds have to be bad or we would be bored and out of heroes to chase by now

Hero academy, costumes, alchemy lab, tourneys, are all things i think could/should be done better though


I’ve 50+ 5* heroes, waiting for 4* mats. Even if they increased the 4* mat rates I still need almost one month to entire level each. So it would take me more than 4 years to level them all (not even considering emblems).

This is wrong and many people already reach this conclusion and already left the game…


Lol you’re not supposed to be able to max every single 5* you get

That would take away a large part of strategy and kill about 60% of the forum discussions we have day to day

Anyone expecting everyone to max every hero they get as quick as they get em and all be on the same playing field will never ever like this game. That’s candy crush territory. This game has more strategy and decision making involved. Truly just part of the game…

I will say players have maxed 50+ 5s in about 2 yrs time. Money can speed up the process. Just depends how much you’re willing to spend. I’m ok with the current rate I’m at which doesnt involve top 10 event ranks or rng shop drops. Still cant use all the maxed 5s i have in every war. 30 is good. After 30 it just becomes excessive.

Once you get into a top alliance, you only see a few defense team variations so the variety of heroes needed decreases anyways


I get that, that’s why things like “Hero Academy” and Alchemy Lab (current implementation not addressing this) are important.

Anyway I totally disagree with your consent that we are not suppose to level every single 5* that we get.
I’ve stop tracking but on average it takes me 2600 gems(~€26) to get a 5* hero. If I’m not able/want to level him, I should be able to at least trade him for another that I like/or for his cost in gems/ or for mats…

I think that’s our responsibility as players/evangelists to steer this game into the right track. I signed for beta program because I wanted to help create a better game, but I see that our influence there is very limited…

SGG is doing fine, they don’t want change their profitable model, so it’s up to us.


Lol whatever blows your skirt up, I’ve lost interest in the conversation

This sounds more like a personal preference mission than a “good of the game” mission

Kill summon odds and make it easy to get every hero and then make it easy to max every hero = RIP E&P. That’s just a simple fact of it but most people don’t see passed their own personal gains to understand that due to being impulsive which are the same people that fuel the game’s economy and keep it alive and keep it from being that way, which is pretty hilarious if you really think about it

I mean just in this thread alone, you’re urging top alliances to quit spending, chasing heroes, etc but then later in the thread you make it obvious you haven’t done so yourself

Practice what you preach and your “mission” might hold more water and be more appealing

Until then it’s just another rant from someone who didn’t get their way

Have a good day

@zephyr1 is this the proper category? This isn’t an idea/suggestion for game developers, it’s a discussion point amongst players to “rise against the almighty devs”, i feel it’s improperly placed. Not that i really care but just feel people may wanna save their votes as they’re not actually voting on game implementations to be provided by devs but voting on choices other player’s should make which isn’t what the voting system is good for…


Couldn’t agree more. The rarity of 5s and 4* mats is something I actually like in this game, crazy as that might be.


I’ve never said that we should stop spending or that I don’t spend. If we want this game to continue for a long time we need to support the devs.

I want important issues in the game to be addressed and that the devs don’t waste their time implementing features that no one wants.

I believe that we as a community (players), should let SGG knows that we are not happy.

@Rigs, I would also like to point out that OP has now appointed himself spokesperson of the entire community. Apparently if he’s not happy with the current state of the game (and some others that he knows), all of us can’t be happy.

I was actually pleasantly surprised by how the costumes turned out. I think they are bit on the expensive side, but SG is in the business of making money and no one will ever be able to change what they charge. (Although I’d take a free Chef Boldtusk costume just for the sake of the name)

Overall I’m happy with where the game is right now. Of course me too would like to see some changes, but as Rigs pointed out, that’s based on my personal situation and preferences and relating that to f2p or c2p players, I realise that those changes might make things (even more) unbalanced.


It looks like this has quickly become a general complaint thread, so I’m going to leave it on its own so it doesn’t disrupt the bug report that was quickly addressed.

No, it should be in #general-discussion based on the direction of conversation, since that category is primarily for complaints. I’m moving it.

Thanks to you both! :heart_decoration:




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