Strengthen Your Troops- Deal

Well they were able to get people to buy the elite pov deals, so they thought they would try to continue that streak…

I’ve never heard of them before l. I assume a relative?

Simple, No gems no talk. Same for Morgan le fay weeks ago trying to sell me a deal with no gems

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: That is the slap me in the face deal…

Iam bit comfused with this offer.
Am i right - that you get four lvl 20 3* troops of each colour and four lvl 15 2* troop of each colour?
Coz friend of my in our alli told me, that last time he bought that, he got tons of lvl1 troops.

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It’s all level 1 troops.


Good that i asked.
Why the hell it showing lvl15 / lvl20 troops.


I understand where you’re coming from. But that happens always with heroes and troops. The preview shows the fully leveled hero/troop, not the unleveled ones you actually get.


Yea i get it now, thnx for clarificacion mate ^^

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Might be unlevelled…

I was applying the logic of the trainers, who have more power than unlevelled heroes of their star category…

If these troops are unlevelled, then SG has completely lost it… BUT then, they are targeting not you & me… the newer players who might fine value OR are gullible to fall for it !

Eitherway a VERY BAD deal, which they have repeated again today !

No way in Hell, SG is so generous giving Full lvl Troop.
Do you know when they are being generous?
The answer is… Never

Don’t get me wrong I’m at the moment f2p and even when I was p2p I would never have bought this deal.

But for whoever summons troops with diamonds this deal is probably the best way to go.

10x Troop summon coast 1600 gems.

In this deal you get the equivalent of 35 3* troops (if we exclude the possibility of 4* troops with the 6 coins)
If we are generous and say you get some 4* troops if you summon with gems, we can say that the offer is around 30 average gem pulls.

30 pulls coast 4800 gems. If you use the shop to buy those you are at 55€.

OK the shop is over priced, but even if we take the cheapest gem deal in the game (event 200 gems, 1,09€) that’s still 26.16€ just for the same feeder troops.

So for someone summoning troops with gems the deal is great, you get your troops for 21.99€ instead of 26.16€ considering the cheapest gem deal and you get some ham extra.

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The “fine print” that is always at the bottom when previewing a hero or troop.


today’s troop deal is what i wish the first troop deal was. i think it’s a fair deal, not an absolute steal, and not a ripoff either. considering i’m starting to focus on leveling troops more than heroes, i’m definitely taking advantage of it.

fully leveled troops would be nice, but i don’t know why anybody expected SG to sell fully leveled anything that’s not a Trainer Hero. i’m buying feeders that i would have summoned with gems and troop tokens anyway, so like ferg said, it’s a great deal for someone like me.

Discounting the 2* feeders:
20x 3* troops 3200 gems
6 ETT 960 gems
3000k Ham 5106 gems
Total 9266 gems
Value $133.16
Offer $28.98
Discount 78%

All prices in Singapore dollars.

It’s an okay deal for players levelling troops. Otherwise, don’t bother

A few days back there was another Strengthen your Troops deal for 2* troops. The graphical representation of what is supposed to be the Yellow Devoult Monks was a Common Villager and tapping it actually had a Yellow Common Villagers at Level 10, thought that was kind of funny.

Also that shady Alpha Gryphon that tried to sell me a bunch of battle items at exorbitant price. I always knew Gryphons are jerks without exception.

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