☆Strength Lies in Unity☆ is [Open] 7-8* titans

☆Strength Lies in Unity☆
Is looking for a few good titan hunters.

We are a band of misfits from all over the world, who enjoy taking down 6 & 7 star titans while chatting over coffee |__|} and cakes @. :wink:

We are a highly active and friendly group. Everyone is highly supportive of each other and we love to see the growth our members make.

Most of our team are elders and have been together for a very long time. We have a lot of knowledge to share.

We do participate in the alliance wars but taking down bigger titans remains our priority. The alliance wars are a no stress, fun diversion for us.

If you are active daily and our group sounds like something you are looking for, come check us out!



(Just trying to help folk find you.) :slight_smile:


You are so wonderful. Thanks Rook!

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We still have spots open. We are doing very well in the Alliance wars and 6 star titans are a breeze for us. If you are friendly and active daily, we would love to have you join.

We also have a wide range of players from the new to the experienced. We have a presence on Facebook and LINE. We love to teach and help people grow.

Come check us out you wont be disappointed

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We are growing stronger. Come grow with us while you still can.

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Now killing 7 and 8 stars…doing well in alliance wars, 3 spots open. Still growing ;).

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We are currently carrying a full boat :slight_smile:

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We are open again for one more member.
Hoping to find someone who thinks being active is fun and wanting to grow with us. We are willing to adjust trophy requirements for the right person. Just took down our 1st 8 star Titan x2 back to back! We are a very active, chatty & friendly bunch and have great 24 hour coverage with teammates from around the world , come check us out!

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Hello my new alliance leader have become inactive can you take one more?

@colmud, we currently have 1 spot and another spot that might open if one of our members misses his third titan tomorrow.

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OK but now I see U have a cup limit & I am not their yet but it all good I will here maybe next time peace!

I understand, best of luck to you! If you change your mind let me know. For future interested parties, if you are active and looking for an active growing team, we are more than willing to adjust our trophie requirement.

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Well did not know that! How do you need to enter?

I am i terested in joining your alliance.
I am playing daily.

I am so sorry @colmud and @Pchan, it looks like someone joined up while I was sleeping. I thank you so much for your interest. I wish we could have more than 30 people. I would be glad to have you both.

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Are you still looking for alliance? Two heads are better than one!

We are open again for two more recruits. Sad to say life got too heavy and took a couple of our members away. :frowning:

We are hoping to find people who think being active is fun and want to grow with us.

Mostly working on 7 start Titan’s but have taken down a couple of 8 stars.

We are a very active and friendly bunch, come check us out.

Working on an 8* star Gorgon right now, need one more person to help us out on this and future Titans. Hurry before AW starts. We are a 100% active team. We do allow for life issues. Leave that inactive alliance behind and come join us!!!

Strength Lies in Unity has started a second alliance for the beginner/casual player. This is a sister alliance to the more active competitive group whose ultimate goal is to break into the top 100. Lots of spots open in the casual group and a couple open in the mother alliance. We are taking down 7 and 8 * titans and knocking on the door of 9*s.

We also have a presence on FB, come join our family!
Casual or Competitive we have a place for you!

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