Strategy: Emblems on 4* or 5*?

In a hero class, I’ve been concentrating my emblems on one hero. I seen others that appear to raise several hero of the same class. any what better or worse ?

Spread to unleash the talent abilities for a maximum amount of heroes.

rarely or not used - just max lvl
used sometimes - node 1
used often - node 4
key heroes - up up up
raid def - focus for emblems


My personal belief is that everybody should have at least the first node unlocked. The ones that I use only for events or are vital to success in other aspects of the game, then I go full grid. Unless for that specific hero the last node doesn’t really make a lick of sense to have for them or they just need the extra power so I can take them into higher end content.

Other bit is that if I am embleming multiple heroes in the same class (fighters on my main cough cough) then I determine from there if I do plan on going full grid or not. If I am in this situation then I stop at +15 so I can at least have the talent itself at 5/5. Then move on to the next one that is gonna be taken to +15.


For me it depends on how versatile the hero is, then I go as deep as I feel is prudent. So somebody like Seshat or Kingston or Ares (I mean I pulled them off Ares but still) gets the lion’s share while everybody else stays naked.

I consider the stat bonuses more useful than the random ability effects. I’m not a fan of more RNG. My naked heroes usually only come out for wars and the occasional class challenge but generally sit unused.


This! I shared this with a few of my alliance members that are a bit more into the game than others. It doesn’t hurt and if you’re, even a barely, regular player, it wont take long to rebuild up those emblems.

BK, Seshat, Kingston (so far just those 3) I’ve given quite a bit of emblems to, but now I’m starting to do the first node and save.

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