Strategies to Defeat Ninja Defense 🏯

Hi everybody, I’ve faced no 5 times (yesterday 2 times and today 3 times) a all ninja defense and was destroyed all 5 times badly because of the constant dodging. Has someone a tip how to beat such a defense constantly. 3 out 4 times my specials went nowhere and also the tiles seemed to miss half the time. Please help me, for now I’m skipping them because it’s really frustrating facing this.


Bring a debuffer or two.

Good call but you cannot prevent the family bonus dodging or?


Bring buff heroes and healers and use tile damage to kill them

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I brought both Zeline and Gazelle and it doesn’t helped despite some good boards. Zeline for debuff and Gazelle for high tile damage.

The ninja family bonus is an aggravating thing to encounter when facing ninjas in defense as they not only have a chance to dodge your heroes’ specials but the tiles as well. The more distinct ninjas are on defense, the higher the chance they dodge anythint. Add that to their insane stats and power and you will figure out that not only they are OP, but super-duper overpowered. Only the moneyed players are able to get most of them, if not all 7 ninjas. Well, they are ones primarily keeping this game up and more cash in their developers, executives and Zynga overlords. Cant blame them.

Be that as it may, they are not infallible in defense as there is no perfect defense even with level 30 mana or by-pass troops. I have won several times against such defenses and tasted some few losses. RNG still remains supreme in this game, the great equalizer and the great source of frustrations, too. No specific hero is required to effectively combat them but good boards and good RNG in your favor.


No blame to those players :smile: I wondered maybe if there is a trick or something to make it easier battle them. For now I will walk straight by those defenses. :laughing:

Minions may help against this covid safe team.


Interesting… while ninja family bonus clearly states to have a chance to dodge specials that have direct effect and tiles, i wonder if the slash attacks of minions can also be dodged. Havent seen one tough.

Minion slashes can only miss, not be dodged like tile damage. Those ninjas will only dodge powers from special skills.

I’d like to face this 1000 dollar defense. :wink:

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Go ahead :laughing: I’ve faced enough 1000$ defenses for today :rofl:

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No, Ninja also dodge from tiles damage.
And not only dodgde, Ninja even have chance to counterattack :scream: :thinking:

I have seen already from this video, minions get counter attack from Ninja heroes:
Here it is, at this time Lianna and Lady of the Lake on Mica get counterattacked:

Another Ninjas videos:

By @mogulemon :sunglasses: :muscle:

Hello @Grimlock:thinking: :smile:


Description says all damage.

I think there are not many options:

Very fast heroes: Kageburado, he is also a samurai.
They are weak vs:

Attack debuff.
Mana manipulators: mindless attack, mana block, mana cut.
Hel, Kageburado


I faced my first ninja defense last night (granted only three ninjas plus Viv and Killhare). Took me three tries to take them out (normally don’t reattack a team 3 times, but really wanted another shot at the ninjas). It was frustrating bad boards didn’t help my first two tries. In the end I was able to take them down with a team of Finley (useless once the dodge went off. But timed him right for a couple of hits), Rafael, ursena, seshat and Alfrike. It was a long match. Had to be very patient to wait out the dodge.


Anyone else find the dodge ability on ninjas on defence very annoying?

It is so random and can screw over your plans.

Is there any way to deal with it?


Here’s my tentative to revenge against a full ninja team (full emblemed and troops at max), they’re very strong but not unbeatable, I don’t have much options to beat them but I try using a strong healer along with Proteus since I have only him, Hensel and Zocc to control mana, since Proteus hit 3 enemies in this case I think he’s better

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