Strategies about fleeing


Does anyone have any strategy about fleeing? I haven’t really figured out what it is for. Is is just to avoid the humiliation of getting slaughtered?


Some use it to lose fights to lower trophy count. Can quit something you’re gonna lose to save time


My equivalent to a rage quit!! :joy::joy::joy:


I agree on the rage quit but keep in mind its not over until it’s over, one time I had Cyprian HP bar on red, against 3 4* heroes full HP and the things were looking rough, I got 4 lucky screen combo and more were to come but that was enough to kill his heroes and luckily I won, so you have that 1% chance at times.


There is no benefits for fleeing. You still lose the energy, loot and rank if raiding.

But I do use it in raids if I know I can’t win, just to save time. Sometimes I have won thinking I lose, but there are situation where I know I can’t win.


Yeah if I am down to one hero in bad health against 4 heroes in great health…I’ll just flee to avoid the inevitable


I never flee. I’ve won raids I expected to lose. I’ll straight up admit I’ve lost far, far, far more raids I expected to win though XD


When playing the map levels I think you get the loot you’ve accumulated up to that point if you flee. If you get wiped out you get nothing. Never tried it though.


I accidentaly type that button two times.
That’s his purpose, get on my nerves.