Strategic leveling advice for a first allrounder 5* team needed

Hey there, once more I’m asking for your guidance. I’m looking for great all-rounder team, primarily for raid and war defense. I know attack is important, but at this point my 4* roster is deep enough for me to have the highest titan and war scores (not always, hut usually) in my alliance. I feel I need a decent 5*-equivalent defense team to steal more flags in wars, and keep me closer to diamond.

I’ve got enough materials to ascend one green 5*. Once frostmarch comes around in November, I’ll have enough materials to ascend a blue 5*; and hopefully I’ll get another blade soon so I can ascend Red Hood. My roster is below.

So my questions are:

  1. which 5* green should I ascend?
  2. should I prioritise Grimm over Frida and Isarnia? If not, what should I do?
  3. should I ascend Red Hood?
  4. What would be a good defense set-up with the 5* that I have.

I’ve already done my pulls for Morlovia, and won’t pull until the next event. I’ve been prioritising levelling - Sartana and Justice needed feeders - and don’t have a TC20 running atm, so the prospects for new 5* anytime soon are rather slim.

Any input appreciated. Thanks everyone.

Blue - Frida
Green - LOtL
Red - not sure about hood except for minions (maybe you can wait for another).