Strangers invasion on chat


I’m coming here today cause my problem is recurrent & starting to get me REALLY bored.

I’d like to know if we could have some more reports reasons.

Look at this :

Does it look like french ? Every day it’s the same thing. People just invade the french tchat. When it’s not Arabs, it’s Polish.

edit : I don’t know if other languages room have the same problem so just talking about french one

Yes, I can block those guyz & I always do (this time, after I took the screenshot) but I don’t think that this behavior is normal. Roughly every languages have a chat so would be cool if they could just stay on their room instead of spaming our with their language that no one understand.

So, an other report reason would be cool for this kind of things. Cause it’s not always “spam” as the definition explains spam.


Edit 2 : just a precision cause I already feel some answers coming. Nothing about racism or crap like this. I don’t like anyone, not even french so don’t worry. :smiley:


Hello H0fm,

They are on all rooms.

It’s only a few players, you may block them.

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Well, I do & gonna keep doing that…

But that’s boring :frowning:

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I report that kind of thing as spam.


It seems like it would be very difficulty for SGG to prevent. There’s no way of knowing up front what languages someone speaks or can chat in. If someone is caught doing it multiple times, they might be able to ban the individual. So @Paulon’s suggestion seems like a reasonable way to bring it to the CSR’s attention.

It’s not easy to know if it’s the first time as we can’t read the name :slight_smile:

Hence report it as spam, and let SGG figure out if it’s happening repeatedly :slight_smile:

If many people like 10+ report them for spam they can get banned from chat.


Well, my first idea was to report them for spam but when I click on the “?” to get SGG explanation of “spam” it says (roughly) someone “who repeat always the same things to disrupt the tchat

On my screenshots, well, I could have reported him for spam since he was spamming the butterflyes but it’s not always spam. They often just speak, but in a language no one understand & it’s boring for me…

Thanks for all ur answers !

Tap on their name and block them.

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