Strange things in my game

Hi guys
I’m suffering from a strange things that happened to my team when I am attacking another team in raids or war sometimes when I am attacking my hero pops up and dies in his place even if no one hits him and sometimes when a hero in the other team i play against fill his power and hit my hero and my hero didn’t die he hit him again as if he refill his power again in the exact same time without moving a single rock in the puzzle :roll_eyes::thinking::thinking:
I can’t understand what is this? And if I want to make a complaint i should send it to whom?

You’ll need to document the bug with a video recording of the bug in action. I can’t quite picture what you’re describing. Not sure if you’re describing a legit ability of some hero or a genuine bug.

As @madmarv says, pics or it didn’t happen. :slight_smile:

If nothing else, let us know who the opposing heroes were.

file bugs in game via->options->support. But you might want to record a few videos and see if you can capture the issue - then post here. If it isn’t a bug, we maybe able to help determine what’s up

May be just riposte in the first example?

Need to know exactly which heroes you were using and fighting against [at the time in question], preferrably along with photo and/or video proof.

Even so, I don’t think I’m understanding you completely: Are you saying your hero dies instead of your opponent’s hero when you kill them? That sounds like counterattack, Boril, Cyprian, Elena and Boss Wolf all cast it on themselves and nearby allies. Also, Obakan and Sumitomo activate counterattack on themselves.

& Are you saying your opponent has extra hits? Are you sure it’s not just the slashes that happen every turn? Especially with Wu Kong or Tarlak activated, those slashes can feel like specials. That or could be Misandra, she takes extra shots as well.

I might be totally off-base so it would help if you’d share proof. Or, at the very least, explain the situation in more details and specifics. It’s very difficult to draw a conclusion from the little information you’ve given. First, we need to decipher whether this is a glitch or just another game mechanic, and after that is when we’ll know if there’s truly a problem here or not.

I read this differently. It could be a special like Colon or similar where you don’t have an attack but lose hp after a turn. That’s a pretty novice thing to miss but it’s possible - we all start somewhere.

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