Strange situation in war - any explanation for this?

Hi Everybody
Our team is in the war and we have a very strange situation.

After the 2nd round started and both teams played some lives, we were most likely winning … and then almost all their team members left.
Could there be any logic behind this???

We can still attack all the Ex Members and the few remaining. All team members had joined just some days ago, sth between 3 and 17 days. See also the attached pic.

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I COULD BE WRONG… BUT… My thoughts are:

It could possibly be that One Already established alliance or group left their original alliance temporarily and joined a half dead or tiny alliance and waited for war match making

The idea is, maybe they think that they are smart, by joining a tiny alliance or half dead alliance, The total alliance score will be alot smaller as Titan hits also count towards the total alliance score

This score during match making matches you with an equal ish opponent

Them being smart, or thinking they are smart think that by joining a tiny team, during war match making, they will be undermatched and thus helping them to win war super easily…

By the looks of it, that was an epic fail, your team started kicking buts and they gave up and left as any remaining flags wouldn’t make up for the rest of the points.

Maybe a strategy to join and start in tiny alliances, fight 5 straight wars wins, collect chest, then move on to the next one

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Maybe co-leader gets enraged, kicks out everyone they can and leaves?


That’s what I was thinking too and I’ve heard stories of this happening before. A leader completely loses the plot :exploding_head: and kicks everyone.:dizzy_face:

Congrats on the war win @Hajdi112 ! :1st_place_medal::trophy:


Lol, that’s possible too, rage quit, lol

Thanks everybody for the replies and for the congrats … anyway whatever was going on in their minds we kicked their butts :slight_smile:

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That simply is not true… Your personal war score is based on your top 30 heroes and top 5 troops and your performance in the previous 20 fights (which is idiotic).

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Yes you are correct and I completely agree with you, it is idiotic, but we did have a war once where the opposition had joined a small alliance, participated in the war, then left in the second half, my alt account joined the opposition to just see what was what and those players that had left did actually believe that infact which is not fact that maybe they stood a much better chance to win.

I have also come across other alliances /war where the opposition have 3* defence teams and sitting on really low cups, come war time the battlefield is all 4*+5* defence fully lvld+emblemed teams

I mean, yeah OK great ideas, think outside the box ect, but exactly as you said, war is based on top 30 hero’s +your top 5 hero’s + your top 5 troops.
Its fun however to try and figure out what, how or why an opposition does or does not do and what is the thought process in their choices

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