Strange never seen card

I saw this card in the posession of a player.
Does anyone know what kind of card this is and how to get it?

I think it was the very first hero of the month

This was a special during the Spring Event. It was only around for a limited time with a few other bunnies. The first hero of the month was Hel.


Thanks for the info.
I did not know there was already an event before.
Its a nice card :slight_smile:

Yep it was an explicit Easter event. Lots of bunnies :slight_smile:

The easter event was a bit like this event, except there was no scoring or competition. It was just 3 difficulties and same rewards for everyone. The rewards did not include heroes or profile pictures. Bunnies were just a small chance from event summon. And they were all quite bad.

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As said the bunnies were available during the spring event and were not very good heros. I love to come across someone with a leveled up bunnie…an easy win.
there were 3 different bunnies, 5 star blue, 4 star green and 3 star red…each had the buff of minus defense for the caster( the holder of the card). Basically you are debuffing yourself if you use them.

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