Strange music playing late at night

This has happened to me a couple of times when exiting MV ads. Killing the app and waiting a few minutes fixes it. It’s definitely not good.

Is it this song?

Or maybe this one?

If it happens again send a support ticket :+1: give time and date also send the video you shared .

Happened again right after an MV advert. I dropped a support ticket with details, but here’s the song

Ok i found the music online. There’s something called Meta, and they have both a Facebook page and YouTube. It’s some sort of advert titled Good ideas will (slightly) change your mind. They are some sort of strange marketing company. Not sure why their music is playing in the game

Meta is Facebook’s attempt at a rebrand lol. But yea, it’s disturbing that their ad music is playing here

And the gift keeps on giving. This is an absolute joke that this hasn’t been acknowledged by the devs.

MV is now crashing the game because of this Facebook Meta rebrand music ad BS.

And of course it doesn’t give up when you enter battles. You must listen to the entirety of it. And it happens every time the game is launched now. Absolutely ludicrous.

So this feels like a weird question. Does anyone else have in-game music that’s been playing?

As of maybe a couple months ago, when I open the game, I get music playing. I have music disabled in-game. I have had it disabled from day 1. I’ve also enabled and disabled the in-game music, but there’s no effect. This doesn’t happen every time I open the game, just sometimes.

You are not alone. There’s another thread.

@Dudeious.Maximus : topic for merge ?

Need to contact CS for this. Video that strange music and submit your video together with your ticket.

Be patient. Real Human CS is slow to respond. Need to hop over the CS Bots first.

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I was beginning to wonder if I was crazy, but I’ve had something similar the past 2 nights. I have the sounds on in the game because I like the music, but often turn the volume way down so I can just barely hear the music. Last night and the night before I was startled by this very faint music that sounded like pop music and definitely not the E & P music. By the time I got my sound turned up it had stopped. I’ll keep my volume up today and see if it repeats at some point today.

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I love this bug! It’s so mysterious. Maybe I’ll turn up my volume to see if I can experience it.

I feel like without the forums this bug could lead to an insanity like that story of those irregular beeping things from Amazon

Ok. It just happened again. Just after mystic vision, a snippet of a rap song played. I didn’t recognize the song, but it was a woman and said something about the heart. It only lasted for about 10 to 15 seconds and then the music went back to normal. And since somebody mentioned the time above, it was 10 pm eastern time.

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Need to video. Then send in a tix and that video to CS.

CS needs to look into this.