Strange music playing late at night

When I open the app on my phone late at night some strange pop song plays for a few seconds. Is this happening to anyone else?

Wait! The game has sounds?!


Yes. It has sound effects and music.

Go to settings to switch those options on.

My device is on silent always.

Can’t help you here.

Yeah but isn’t the normal music. It’s a pop song with lyrics.

Probably some kind of glitch with your device. Another app was playing something and it overlapped. Or maybe something related to ads.

Maybe the game was just checking that you were Staying Alive, staying alive?


Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Official Music Video) - YouTube


But it only happens with this app, and only after 10pm every night. There are no other apps open and I have no idea what this song is

Phone posession? Perhaps someone from the other side is trying to send a message… What song plays? :rofl: :popcorn:

Uhh i’m hearing the game playing its own weird funk beat intro when the game opens. No lyrics though. And continuous random like “punching” sound FX after that. same thing even after game force quit and reload.

All music and effects are off in the game settings. It does record on a screencap also. May post to youtube if I can edit out my acct #.

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Link to what’s happening. This is game based audio with both Sound effects and Music unchecked, iOS 15.4.1. nothing else piping over my mixer.


Holy :poop: my apologies I thought you were messing around… that is seriously annoying and that sucker would fly if that was mine… @Petri any insight u can offer?

That does sound odd… and loud. Kind of a good thing that it makes that pop music sound and not some creepy Fatal Frame type of eerie whispers and stuff.

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That’s horrible! SGG needs to fix that for sure.

The coder could have inadvertently added something to that iOS update version, that triggers that annoying music.

Only solution now is to reduce volume on your phone or mute it. Not the best solution but it may make that new alarm clock less irritating.

If this is not a mass phenomenon in the game, then try logging into your account from another device or logging into an alternative account from your device. In one of these options, I think you will find a solution to the problem

This is so good!!! Thank you

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Issue went away on my device this morning. Restarting app and phone last night multiple times with no effect. will post if it returns. As OP says perhaps this is time based as I first noticed it just before 10pm also.

Maybe our heroes are like toys in Toy story? Late at night when they think that you are sleeping they just want to party. They just want to relax after many tournament and war battles, dance to pop music, drink a few drinks. They were just partying while you logged in and didn’t turn off music on time.

This is just a funny thread for me :smile:


Sounds like Wreck-It Ralph at work again!

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