Strange Mathematics when Damage Ursena

Recently in the call of Atlantis, I received Ursen. According to the description, it causes damage to the enemy 130%, if it has less than 50% of health, and 260% - if more than 50%.
But either I don’t understand something, or the respected developers have a bad time with mathematics. I gained mana from Ursena and hit with magic, she inflicted 258 points on the enemy. Then I was lucky, I gained mana again (by that time the enemy had less than 50% of his health, he had complete health), hit him again, and … the damage was only 85 points !!! What is it like???
Suppose that 258 points is 260% damage, but if the enemy has less than 50% left, then the damage should be 2 times less, because 260% / 130% = 2. Therefore, ceteris paribus, the damage should be 258/2 = 129 points, but not 85!
Why it happens?

Недавно в призыве Атлантиды я получил Урсену. Согласно описания, она наносит урон противнику 130%, если у него менее 50% здоровья, и 260% - если более 50%.
Но то ли я что-то не понимаю, то ли у уважаемых разработчиков плохо с математикой. Я набрал ману у Урсены и ударил магией, она нанесла противнику урон 258 очков. Затем мне повезло, я снова набрал ману (у противника к тому моменту оставалось менее 50% здоровья, у самой Урсены здоровье полное), снова бью, и… урон составил всего 85 очков!!! Это как???
Предположим, что 258 очков - это урон 260%, но ведь если у противника осталось менее 50%, то урон должен быть в 2 раза меньше, поскольку 260%/130%=2. Следовательно, при прочих равных условиях урон должен быть 258/2=129 очков, но не 85!
Почему так происходит?

Assuming it was it the same Enemy so base defense stat of the opponent was the same.

Have any buffs or debuffs been activated while releasing ursena‘s special e.g. +atk and -def in the 260% Hit and -atk and +def in the 130% Hit, was Monk Wu showing around?

The damage equation is non-linear. The average damage of a special attack is:

100 * (Attack*Special %/Defense)^1.35

So a 50% reduction in the special damage percentage means the damage will only be 39.2% as large.

258 * .392 =101

The other thing to note is that this is average damage. It will randomly vary around the average.

You haven’t given us the full-up attack and defense, so it’s impossible to calculate if the first hit was above average, the second hit below average, or both.


And what does “you haven’t given us the full-up attack and defense”? I beat the same hero of the same character, the difference between the blows is only 1 move: I hit Ursena green hero Mother of the North, knocked out 258 points, then I successfully formed crystals, for 1 move I recruited mana again, cured all of Rigard and again struck Ursenoy of the same hero. The only difference is that at the first strike, the opponent’s hero had more than 50% of his health, and at the second - less, that’s all! Even purely logical damage should be at least 129 points, but not 85! I have already been told that my hero can beat weaker by a factor of 1.5-2 if he has little health, but at the time of the second strike, Ursena’s health was complete.

Can you share a screenshot of the enemy’s Mother North card and your Ursena card, so we can see their stats and run Garanwyn’s provided formula? Then we can confirm if there’s something wrong or if it’s working as intended.

You can find the opponent on your watchtower’s raid log.


It means that the mathematical formula requires the actual attack value of the attacker (including all buffs and debuffs), and the defense value of the defender (including all buffs and debuffs).


We would also need the troops and the state of buffs and debuffs.


Do you need proof? Get it! Here are 2 screenshots. Pay attention to Sartana in the right corner: at the first blow, Ursen knocks 304 health points out of her, on the second - only 113, although there should be at least 152! What do you say to that now?

I say please re-read my post with the mathematical equations in it.


Sorry, but your damage formula doesn’t answer my question! If the damage is calculated using different formulas depending on the level of damage to the opponent, or the final result of the damage should be multiplied by the percentage of the remaining health of the opponent, then it is understandable, but there is nothing like that in your formula!

Here are additional screenshots of the opposing team, Sartana and her squad:

There’s a random variable built into the damage calculation. You’re not always going to hit for exactly half of the damage of a previous hit.

That’s true too, but the main thing is that the damage formula is exponential.

Twice as much attack can mean far more than twice as much damage, depending on the ratio to the target’s defense stat.

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This is similar to the Russian anecdote about a woman driving a car: “If a woman turned on the turn signal to the left, this does not mean that she will go to the right! She can go straight!” Funny
In fact, you are not completely right: Ursena can inflict approximately equal damage to all rivals with a difference of +/- 5%, with the exception of yellow ones. Now she can inflict damage to 295-310 points on ALL perpetrators, if they have more than 50% of health, and 100-120 points, if less than 50%.
Even if the value changes exponentially, I can still understand if the damage will be 140-160 points, but when it is only 113 points, I do not understand!

You should open a support ticket and complain to SGG.

The damage equation is NON LINEAR

That means that halving the attack strength makes the attack do less than half the damage.

You’re still not giving all the needed information:

So you need to show pictures like this one:


No one had any buffs and debuffs at the time of the strike! This is even according to my screenshots! But I showed the characteristics of Sartana with my opponent!

If it were ~300 points with over 50 % and 140-160 points with less than 50 % it would be exactly the half and thus linear.
But as the damage grows exponentially, double attack value or special attack percentage means 2.55 times damage output, triple attack value or special attack percentage means 4.41 times damage output and so on.
Therefore, your Ursena inflicts only 113 damage when the enemy HP is low while she inflicts about 300 (which is roughly 113x2.55) when the enemy HP is high.

This is true for all heroes. Try a Melia, Oberon or Carver with a certain attack stat and compare their special attack with Lianna, Thorne or Sartana’s special when they have the same attack stat as your Melia (or Oberon or Carver).
Although they might have the same attack stat and a special attack 4-5 times stronger, the actual damage will rather be 7-10 times as much :wink:

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Well, now it’s understandable with the blows of my heroes, but another question arises: why doesn’t the same formula work for rival heroes? They do about the same damage to me, regardless of the amount of health of my heroes.
I have just attacked an opponent, he has Zimkifа left, I have a Cadmon with 786 health points, this is more than 50%. With the first blow, Zimkifа has inflicted 338 points on my Cadmon, he has 448 health points left, which is less than 50%. The second blow Zimkifa caused damage to 342 points, which turned out to be even slightly stronger than the previous one. This is how to understand?

Because this formula (half special attack percentage if enemy HP is lower than 50 %) does only apply if Ursena or Kageburado are the attackers. The damage output of your opponent’s Zimkitty is only based on her own attack stat / special attack percentage and the opponent heroes’ defense stat no matter how many health points they have.


Only recently it has been said that ALL heroes do weaker damage if the opponent has less than 50% left!

I understood: no need to look for logic in this game, it simply does not exist! As we say in Russia, “if a woman behind the wheel turned on the turn signal to the right, this does not mean that she will go to the left, she can go straight.” Similarly, in this game: when a rival, after a powerful attack according to all the laws of common sense, does not just have to, but is obliged to die, he miraculously remains alive, and moreover, he manages to kill your entire team! In the same way, my heroes, after some weak minor blow, must be alive, but for some reason they die. And when you ask a question on the forum, why this happens, there is immediately a million excuses like “non-linearity of the damage formula”, “20% advantage of the opponent”, etc.

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