Strange mana behavior

Hi all,

I read the forum regularly but decided to create an account to report an issue. I was raiding a few mins ago and had two blue heroes Magni (fast) and Ariel (average), and for some reason Ariel mana charged before Magni did.

There was no status ailment or effect in place and this was at the very beginning of the raid. I dont think its an always recurring thing cause I’d have noticed, although I have sometimes expected a hero to be fully charged by title count and it’s not and I usually would chalk it up to me just getting confused, but this time it was very objective as the two heroes are the same color in the same situation. It could be a visual bug if Magni was under an ailment/effect and was just not visible. In any case, would like to get some support on this.


Have you checked your troops?


I will still guess on a very temporary ailment. If Magni was delayed by a Sorcerer the first round and you noticed it at round 4 the debuff would be gone already and Ariel would have more mana.


Check troops and talents

I have been watching my mama counters, and sometimes they will go backwards or not register at all even under no status effects at all. I have lost many raids due to this. I have been getting quite infuriated by this as I can find no logical explanation.


Yes. It was one of the things I checked, but Ariel had a lower level non-mana troop.

@Shenjairo yes, I think it could be, but I will keep an eye out cause it was quite unusual. I’d done 3-4 moves with some cascades and was basically waiting on Magni to light up. I usually notice the red spiral thing, so it could be that I missed it.

Edit: Also after just thinking about it now, wouldn’t both be affected by it given that they are the same color, or does the game assign the ailment to only one hero when stacking?

@Sorsha Ariel is cleric and Magni fighter so neither one had anything to do with mana.

Who were the other members on the team? Some heroes increase mana generation for their neighbours with their specials

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