Strange issue with Season 1 and 2 progress

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I am seeing a strange issue with the game. I am new to the game and still playing Season 1. However after reaching province 15 of Season 1, I see Season 2 is unlocked however all the provinces from 16 in Season 1 are locked. I have completed Province 15. I know that I have to complete Province 15 on Season 1 to unlock Season 2. But is there a requirement to complete certain stages in Season 2 to unlock the stages past 16 in Season 1?

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No, every next stage will be available after finishing the previous one.

If season 1 is locked, it sounds like a bug. Put in a support ticket within the game if that is the case

Thanks Olmor and Infinite for your replies. I will raise a case with the support

When Season 2 is unlocked, it just means you can start playing the map in Season 2, starting from Province 1, but all other provinces in Season 2 remain locked, until you finish each province and progress further. This allows you to farm and/or play Season 2 stages at a cheaper cost during Atlantis Rises (last week of each month).

Season 1 remains the same, the provinces only become unlocked as you finish each province. You have to play finish Province 16 to see Province 17, and so on,.

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Thanks Kianx for the reply

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