Strange happenings

Why does it say both teams get enemy aid or assistance but I just got wiped put by 7 in a row enemy arrows, received none, yet I had a 350 plus power enemy attack team. This has happened several times. I don’t mind losing, I do mind getting cheated. Disappointed.

Well… it doesn’t give you arrows when u are attacking but it gives your team arrows when someone attacks you


Both teams only get the enemy aid when attacked, so on defence.

If you attack, then your opponent gets the arrows. You get the arrows if you’re attacked.

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When you attack, you see the defending enemy team get arrows.

When the enemy attacks (and you’re not watching), your defending team gets arrows against the enemy:


The arrows fall as follows:


I understand what you are saying but I’m “always watching” and it’s not happening. We’re at war right now and the same thing is occurring.

This is still an ongoing issue. I recommend providing a field aid meter for both teams to see when each side is receiving it.

You are kiddin’, right?! You do realise that you could watch for a million years and not see your arrows flying towards the enemy, because YOU CAN’T SEE THE BATTLE WHEN YOU ARE DEFENDING!!! You actualy have to be offline for that to happen, except for the war.

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You do not get the field aid when you are attacking
You will get the field aid when you are defending.

So this means the defender always gets the field aid, the attacker never!

You could see it like: defender is fighting in front of his castle and somebody on the walls is helping them defend the castle.
Behind your attack is nobody who is helping you.

But when your team is the one defending the castle, they are also being helped from the walls by people in your castle (do healing, shoot arrows).

Hope this helps make it more clear for you.

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Thanks. That clears is up. Appreciate it. There was some confusion with some of our alliance players and I will give them this feedback.

Thanks to the others for helping out as well. I did not mean anything in a sarcastic way. Some are still learning how everything works, including me.


Thanks HarryDeB. We had some miscommunication going on our side. We appreciate everyone’s feedback and assistance to help us improve our gaming experience.


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