Strange Circles is recruiting 3 players

Hello! We are “Strange Circles”

We are looking to add mid level players who like to hit titans and hang out with good people. War if you want, opt out if you want. Use the coordinated tank color. Pick your own targets and have fun.

We use discord (optional) for additional communication . We enforce titan participation and will kick a member after 4days of inactivity without communicating an absence. The only other rule is that we expect decency and respect towards other members. Come check us out.

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@Pilcho help me keep an eye on this please.

Roger that chief!

20 Strange Circles

We have room for a couple more players. Check us out. Stay a while or come and go. We war and hit 10-11 star titans.

Just filled up. Check back later as I’m sure someone will rage quit soon enough.

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