Strange bug with last hit of Titans

This is the second time when i saw this.

and after 1 minutes got this

And for that performance i get 1 Revive scroll and 5 Gems. Soooo funny :smile:

Or you learn how to write software, or give us a chance to delete our accounts.

If your complaint is that someone registered a hit after you’ve killed the titan, then that’s not really a problem for anything.

What happens is that you start attacking, and also someone else starts attacking before you finish the attack (or the other way around, the other player starts the attack before you). The hits are recorded when the players finish the attack. Seconds after you killed the titan and took the first screenshot the other player was still attacking.

If your complaint was about the reward, then there are threads in which other players are complaining about the rewards – so maybe you should add your voice to one of those threads.

As you see at the first picture, i was last that hit titan with 15162 damage. After me was other clan member with 12116 damage. But after processing, appears third member of our clan that attack with 7408. How? Why?
I saw, with my own eyes, that i killed the titan, and at the screen was displayed DEFEATED.
Where did he come from that third player???
And the BIG problems is poor coding, that can not determine who was player that hit titan last.
And that is only one problem.

This problem normally occurs when two or more players attack at the same time in the dying moments.
Although you scored higher damage and it said the Titan was defeated, with more than one player attacking it would be the case that your alliance member got the kill shot during his battle
The recommended and easy solution for this is to get members to call their shots when the Titan has less than 50k on it that way no one will waste flags

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Yep, the only problem i see here is lack of communication within alliance members.

But WHY this member, that hit Titan last, is NOT showing WHEN Titans score are being PROCESSING???
And came from nowhere after that.
For me PROCESSING mean that has already been determined who has most Titan hit points, who has the last hit, hit rating and PROCESSING allocation of awards.
But AFTER THAT suddenly(from nowhere) a alliance member appear. And he has the last hit.
Poor, poor coding. My advice - go back to school.

To me processing is calculating that everything is right before coming out with the result. If the other person started his battle 30 seconds after yours his titan will show the health from before you started attacking plus the game will need to wait for that battle to finish before it can include that damage in the calculation. Maybe his 7k is damage done while you were killing it and damage done after that didn’t count. Unless a lead designer comes here and tells us exactly what happens when several people attack the same titan when it’s low on health we can only guess.

What’s the most aggravating part though, a lost hit for someone? Can’t really be the killshot on the titan? That’s the most meaningless stat of them all. Usually I avoid hitting last because it wastes too much damage that would be better being dealt to the next titan.

Let me explain how should be(or how should they have done it):

  1. We hit Titan(someone first, someone last, someone between the eyes)
  2. Titan was killed.
  3. All data was stored in array, which we see as a ranking(that must be final).
  4. Starting Processing(means redistributing loot for different players)
  5. Giving loot to the players.

This must be program logic. But we see that point 4 suddenly start before point 3.
HOW game Processing loot BEFORE determine who has most hit points on Titan, who has last hit, who has hit Titan between the eyes???

@NickyBG2, instead of explaining how you think it should be you should understand that it works ok.

As said before if alliance members don’t communicate their hits then with 2 players attacking only the game knows who got the kill shot.
Perhaps rather than worrying about this and spending so much time start spending the time getting your alliance members to call their shots when it’s close to death.
Just as in AW and Titan hits anyone attacking at the same time the battle ends has a chance to complete the battle.
I can see your frustration and commiserate with you if you wanted the kill shot but it is no big deal as it doesn’t count for anything in game.
We call our shots when it is at the 50k left mark as most are capable of halving that if not killing it with a good board.
I would suggest changing your tactics to the way the game works instead of trying to get the game to change to your way f p,aging.
That sounds harsh but every player in game has that very same problem

Well, I don’t. But there are other disadvantages to being in an alliance of one, such as worse loot.

I found it interesting that when 2 players are attacking a titan at the same time when it has low health all of the damage is reflected in the rankings, even when the sum of all player damage is higher than the original titan health. I’m not complaining about it, I just had it happen and thought it was interesting.

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