When leveling up troops, does it matter how many you do at a time? I’m guessing when you level up your Heroes you want to do all 10 because it gives you a better chance of improving your special skill but does it make a difference when you’re leveling up troops? Is there any advantage of leveling up 10 troops at a time compared to leveling up just three at a time? Is there any advantage of waiting till you have 10 of the same colored Troops?

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The only advantage would be to save some food.

Nothing happen but slowing down your troops leveling due to time needed to collect 10 feeders!
Same food will be using per feeder.

Try again. Maybe you can figure out some way to save a bit of food?

The way to save food (which works for hero leveling as well) is to feed your troops up so the next one you feed them will go up a level, then feed 10 at once. You will maximize your progress in the next (more expensive) level at the cost of the previous level.


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Let me try to make the words easier for the translator :slight_smile:

Start with level 5 troops.

Feed the troops so that the are Almost level 6.

Then feed 10 troops at once.

Those troops will get you well into level 6. But you will pay level 5 prices.

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You mean to make a feeder reach level 5 then I make it a food after all that food and feeders to get 1 troop to 5?!!
As like 1☆ troop --》lv5 x10 then feed em to lets say lv1 4☆ troops?
OMG … my heart’s pain

I don’t think so, @Jedon

This is not a huge trick and the savings are small. I’m just pointing out one way to maximize your food.

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The food-saving trick applies equally to troops and heroes. The cost per feeder is set by the current level of the hero/troop being trained. If you have a lot of feeders, do a batch to bring you up to, but not into the next level. Then feed the next batch, all of which are priced at the lower rate.

Are you looking for a thing like this ?
(Sorry i just write french version)

If you need. i will translate in english

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he mean make your troop reach just b4 it lvl up then feed it with 10 troops it will still cost what it used to cost at lvl 15 even its lvl 16 now


as you can see at lvl 15 it cost 88k food for each +1 troop you add,

now if you feed it with 10 troops


while lvl 16 if you do it normal way is 93500 per troop


same applies to all levels

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You seem to have a lot of knowledge about this game so I was wondering if you could tell me. I have a 3 * troop assigned to my party and have leveled them up to level 13. If I find a 4-star troop in that color and I transfer my level 13/3 * into that 4 * Troop do I lose all the leveling and feeding I put into that 3 *? What I mean is when I feed my level 13 3 star into my four star will it be just like feeding a regular 3 * into my four star, will I lose all the feeding I put into that 3 star

Its not worth doing that plus you will need the leveled 3 star troop in events where you cant use 4* troops … also in titan/raids where you will need to use more than 1 hero of the same color…

In short dont do that :smile:

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