Storing food trick?

So a bunch of my alliance mates say that they have 60m food stored, can anyone explain how that works?

Take one training camp, a lot of food, and a lot of recruits. Using a training level that takes a long time, out all that food and those recruits it.
So long as the training never finishes, you can keep on adding food and recruits, and you can also use the training menu to take them back out as required.
While the training is ongoing, you can even let the trained heroes build up, and when you collect them, you only collect enough to fill your current hero slots available, leaving the rest for later.
TC11 training is what I’ve used for recruit storage, with food being saved as well as a bonus. I’ve seen TC13 suggested for bulk food storage as opposed to recruits, but haven’t run the numbers to analyse that.
I repeat - do not ever let the training run out or you’ll be in trouble.


Just curious why they didn’t explain to you?

Yes you can use TC13 to store food , per trainee in the queue its 1/4 million hams, so soon mounts up. Yes you can take trainees off the queue when you need some hams to hand.

It does not matter at all if the ‘training completes’, though if it does I suggest you are not storing much. I have 20 recruits in the queue for tc 13 which is 5 million hams and a month of training approximately.

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I admit I was thinking mostly of the potential loss of accumulated but uncollected heroes from hero farming rather than food storage when I wrote the warning about letting training run out.

Most People I know use LvL 11 Training for this … highest I’ve heard are 7000 Trainings. I’m still far away from this.


4 or 11 training is for storing recruits; 13 or 20 training is for storing food.


Saved some recruts for lvl20 training camp;) The camp was ready on Monday, so it is a bit less than 8K at the moment… Lvl20 is the best place to store the food)


Hoarding recruits and food


Holy moly! and I thought my store was ample :wink:

It works very well to store recruits and a little food in TC 11. And then make a withdrawal when you need the recruits.

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Remember that you must have room for BOTH the hams and the recruits when you decrease the training count. Otherwise you lose BOTH.


These storage buildings are enough for any game activities