Store/trade market

This has been kind of touched on, but i dont see it directly addressed anywhere. The store sells battle items you may need, but why cant we sell unneeded items. Yes I know this would be a farming issue, but most games you can sell items at half or quarter the price it is to buy them. a way to make a few extra gems for summoning heroes or whatever. it would make a use for the almost 2000 of certain items I have, that I cant use now that I have beaten the first season…and seriously doubt I will need (arrow attacks) for the second season.

I doubt that sale for gems will ever take place…

However being able to trade in my 84 turtle banners for 40% the iron it would cost to make them seems logical enough to me. I have hundreds of minor mana potions waiting for hell to freeze over that could net me a few more hams…

I have over 10,000 herbs and at least 200 of each 1 star troop. It would be REALLY nice to trade them for food or iron and get them out of the storge area. Plus thousands of other things I don’t need.

Thats a good idea. I have so many loot items I can’t use & acension items are hard to find. Please include trading or sell options for excess or needed items between players & alliances.

The troops will be needed once you build your Barrack.

That way you can level up your troops.

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