Stopping Enemy Alliance From Using Weak Teams

I really dont understand the problem in this strategy. It is a good or bad strategy depending on how smart the opposition team is. There are multiple strategy discussed earlier that nulls this strategy. There is nothing unfair about putting weaker teams, You have the benefit of taking the stronger team for more points. If you cant beat the stronger teams, it means you are either weak or the board is not in favour. I have face such wars against Russians especially in the top 200s. We easily used to beat them simply by avoiding the weaker team until we reset which we usually do in the last 8 hours. We used to ask the weaker hitters to pick on them while resetting.
All is fair in War i would say

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I haven’t scoffed but just pointed out that the question has already been answered = EXPLAINED above…
as a new player who is seeking answers, how about being open to being guided / pointed in the direction of the ANSWER to your query !

ALSO, since this game is in its 5th year, most aspects of the game, questions have been answered. Whenever there is an issue, multiple threads open up within the initial few minutes itself… for discussion = Simple search of queries will provide a wealth of information !

Welcome to the game new player & happy playing :wink:

Drdare the day you take 17 points from a opponent whom is sandbagging . You talk like this ,finding no fault in it because you will never take 17 points for your alliance. But you will jolly well imply someone else should. Lol

There’s been a number of threads on this and the consensus is basically that it is a losing strategy.

The obvious strategy to counter is to ignore that team unless you need to reset the board. The other thing to point out is that it all depends on your alliance members. Not everyone is necessarily going to have the same depth, so those who have a shallow bench can be assigned these low level teams. We’ve encountered teams like this before and we’ve always won, as far as I remember.


We had this recently and scored record high points against them. I felt a bit sorry for them since they did not play badly otherwise, this was their only mistake really.

Just do not hit the weak team until you flip and you’ll win. The other teams are very valuable now so each hit is more points. Only unfair to the alliance who put the low team but that was their choice.


When you come up against an alliance like this, then it is up to you/your alliance to figure out what to do… in the end, your alliance is the one making the choice to attack them. Honestly, I’ve come up against this strategy before, and the alliance that uses it (regardless of how many people they have using the weak defense) has never won. The “soft target (except weak), reset, respawn, repeat, then barrage” strategy works fine on these teams. The only time weak teams should be targeted before the barrage phase is if your alliance has a lower level member that may not be able to damage/tank bust the stronger teams.

NOTE - I commented before reading comments… I see a few others saying the same… just ignore the lower teams for the most part

Maybe that is the kind of alliance you play in or that is how you treat your alliance!

But we have a strong communication and planning with ours. We don’t hesitate to clean our mess or hit the weaker teams if that is the plan.
We have exclusive people who are expected to go for the top kills, a lot of us play in the mid tier where we plan for good kills, cleanups and take weaker teams to flip when necessary. Playing in wave pattern makes it possible. It may not be suitable for all alliance but we do it with good effect.
The goal is always to win the war, rather than self glory.

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