Stop working on Puzzle Combat and make this game awesome again

I don’t think Puzzle Combat are influencing/delaying Empires and Puzzle developement in any way.

I do think they released a lot of content in a small period of time, but unfortunetely it’s all almost-recycled/easy implemented/cash grab kind of content.

Any lack of real improvement is totally intended.

And they was really clear about having an indipendent team that makes their own decisions, so i totally consider Small Giant at fault, not Zynga.

Too easy pointing the finger on the big bad company.


It is never that simple. Having worked in small teams and for small companies owned by large ones – admittedly in an unrelated field – I would suggest it is entirely possible that there is no longer one coherent direction that E&P is being developed in.

Unfortunately we will likely never know for sure.


I have played that Combat Puzzle game. I liked the different ways of creating combos on the board. Not only 3, 4, 5 horizontal/vertical, but also 3 on one row and 2 below that would create a diamond. Would love to see that implemented in E&P. I abandoned the game, because of no friends there and the weird way of leveling guns (the equivalent of E&P’s troops).

That’s interesting. I play both and much prefer the PC way of levelling both weapons and heroes.

I didn’t think I’d stick at it for so long, seeing how hooked on E&P I was but I’m enjoying being in early on and especially going in knowing the best way to level everything and what I should be focusing on.

I’m finding it interesting seeing how both games are developing in slightly different ways and comparing the two but then I’m still relatively new to E&P and so don’t have any issues with the development of it - seeing I’m still mostly catching up.


If there was a bigger community there I would stick around for longer, but my alliance did not want to play both EP and PC. So my interest was quickly gone and I did not find the game attractive enough to play on my own.

@jaqtkd @Michael053 I’m not suggesting PC is a better game, only that a lot of work has been done on it and very superficial work on E&P.

@Elpis In my place of work, we do the same thing, and it means taking a team or two of existing developers and straight up moving them onto a different project (assuming they use AGILE). Seeing as how PC is probably only modifying the existing E&P code and they’re mostly re-skinning, I can’t see them using a team of new developers, they will use existing developers. Artwork and animations can be contracted out, developers take a very long time to train and integrate. Also, SG is proud of being small, I somehow don’t think they did a lot of hiring. I have no doubt their developers are working super hard though.

But like I said, I’m not sure you’re going to see any major enhancements in 2020. We’ll see.

A good start would be by having the Season 1 Heroes “adopted” by the families. Many of the Ice Heroes look like the belong to the Norse families of Season 3.

Some of the Holy Heroes look like they belong to the Japanese family from Season 2.

There is a Pirate woman who is Fire, and a past Month Hero who is Holy who throws a powerful punch, and they both look like they belong to the coastal families of Season 2.

The fish creature that comes with the zombie pirates, and indeed ALL the pirates, look like they should have been in Season 2 instead of a seasonal quest event.

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I disagree entirely. The world evolves. They don’t have to maintain focus on this , nor is it required for enp to be great. All they need to do in order to keep this game great is stop making unbelievably stupid and greedy decisions.

A bigger team has nothing to do with it. Let the game age gracefully, put the money earning focus on newer games and let enp be fun and rewarding and generous where balanced

Didn’t notice at first that this was a zombie thread…

I certainly disagree that E&P “hasn’t had any major improvements”, but I do think the quality has gone down, and the direction is… questionable.

We’ve seen several major bugs going live in the past couple months, and I still don’t see any explanation on why some weren’t caught by basic QA. (Loot tickets, AR sea dragons, mythic Titan loot (two different bugs!)).

There’s bugs that have been around for months and haven’t been addressed (Alfrike and blind, Lady Loki and blind, zombie images not always loading).

Based on increased reports of crashes, appears that there’s a memory leak, but I know how difficult those are to track down.

Meanwhile the power creep has changed to a power leap based on beta info on S4 and Villains, not to even mention that… other… thing.

I don’t know if this is Zynga, or usual mid game malaise, or what, but I’d like to see the game keep improving rather than go into a power/death spiral.

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You win the Nostradamus prize for this one @nevarmaor , from June 2020

Exhibit A: Costumes
-completely switched developmental directions *over night* after S1 was done

We do now lol


They didn’t do very much in 2019 but the end of 2020 it was satisfying that they made some changes to war. So although I’m hoping for more (raid formations?) definitely close this thread now.

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