Stop working on Puzzle Combat and make this game awesome again

The reason why Empires hasn’t had any major improvements in the past 1.5 years, improvements that would make the game more fun or offer quality of life or alliance improvements, is because SG has been working on their new game, Puzzle Combat.

This is a request to either hire more developers or bring resources back to Empires, to make this game great again.

I know why companies do this, it’s to diversify, but I think this decision was really dumb. Companies spend a lot of time and money trying to create winning games, you got lucky and created one, and now you abandon it?? There’s no guarantee that Puzzle Combat will do well, it could flop or just be middling.

Empires is a winner, a goose that lays the golden eggs, and SG is just starving it right now. This game should have been able to go strong for 6 years or more, but now that’s in doubt.

I am in no way suggesting that Puzzle Combat is a better game, I’m not even comparing the two games.

So this is a request that you give Empires more developer resources. In 2 years, Empires deserves a lot more than a few new heroes and more map stages.


So what would you like to see changed or improved?

There are a lot of great suggestions in this forum.

Personally, I would improve war. There are so many good suggestions. If there was an observer mode for war, it would be amazing. We could really use some diversity in war, something to change it up.

Adding alliance quests. Adding anything more fun to do as an alliance or as a group. We were teased that we would see alliance improvements at the start of the year, where are they?

Those are just my personal preferences, but I’d like to see something other than more heroes and more map stages. That’s what dying games do, they just do the bare minimum.


In 1.5 years, i saw season 3, path of valor, tavern of legends, additional heroes for seasonal and special events, costume chamber, etc. All in that amount of time. Been playing for 2 years already. I am sorry, but we may be playing a different game.

Empires and Puzzles is already owned by Zynga. I am bot sure but Puzzle Combat is owned by Small Giants.


Zynga didn’t buy e&p

They bought SmallGiant

So yea unless excluded through some contract agreement, Zynga will see profit from both

Not that it adds anything to the discussion, just tossed it in…randomly as usual lol


And i thought they only bought EnP. My bad. But still, i have seen a ton in 1.5 years

Season 3: Map stages and additional heroes. Easy.
Path of Valor: Tracking some additional data on the server. This is perhaps the most minor effort of them all.
Tavern of Legends: More map stages.
More Heroes: …
Costume Chamber: Basically more heroes. Medium effort to switch costumes, but still mostly cut and paste.

They already have the foundation to build more heroes and map stages. This takes minimal developer effort. You should see what they’re doing with Puzzle Combat, you’d be amazed, that’s where the REAL effort is going, that’s where the money you spend in Empires is going, what it’s funding. It’s not being returned to you, for your loyalty to this game. If you’re OK with it, great, I’m not.


Are you seriously saying that you rather maintain season 1 in those 1.5 years because the rest are mostly copy and paste? LOL

I dont play Puzzle Combat. I’ve heard it but i already have this crappy game to begin with. I have enough RNG to last me a lifetime.

But if you dont like where EnP is heading, you might as well play Puzzle Combat based on your theory that all funding goes mostly to that game with EnP financing it. I don’t have the exact facts, but i think Puzzle Combat’s playerbase is not as big in EnP. Maybe SGG is trying to improve Puzzle Combat to get the same number of playerbase in EnP. Maybe you ought to be there.

Yeah this is where I think interletrical property comes into it. They can do what they want else where but e&p is a partnership with znyga and terms and conditions in contracts can make thangs difficult

While I always advocate for any new ideas to keep this game fun, this statement is so not true. Past 1.5 years this game changed beyond recognition.

Of course, still can evolve - and should, especially with the late game content that is superstale at the moment.

Instead of generic complaints, maybe suggest something new or keep discussion going over those ideas already suggested which you like, so they may get some visibility on the SG’s end.


I’m saying there should be more than just a new season. And there would be more if they didn’t take your hard earned dollars and divert development efforts from Empires and put it into Puzzle Combat.

That’s not what I’m saying at all and I’m not sure how that’s the message you got from my request.

I’m not sure why you don’t want Empires to get the development effort it deserves. I guess some people just want to disagree with everything.

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Talents were the last big update. What major updates happened after talents?

Taking development resources from Empires is not a general complaint, it’s a very real problem in the software industry. And you probably won’t see the full effects until 6-12 months from now. We’re just starting to feel the effects right now, when people say “where is Hero Academy? etc”. Changes are slow because they don’t have the developers to do the work.

I’ve advocated for the game in many ways, but this is maybe the most important one. I’m surprised that anyone who plays this game doesn’t want it to get the attention and time it deserves.

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@Easysteps can you share what is in Puzzle Combat that is not in EnP but is sooo good. And please do tell what is in EnP that is not in Puzzle Combat?

I touched on it no a different topic:

In terms of what is in EP not in PC there are obvious things like:

  • full set of challenge events
  • actual number of players :stuck_out_tongue: (being developmental the player base is still REALLY small which makes wars a nightmare…)
  • Raid Tournaments
  • Beta
  • Forum / developped community
  • Information… it’s so new that nobody has any real information… all still guesses as to how mechanics work etc…

As always, thanks, @Guvnor. How are the deads doing in Walking Dead? Just kidding…

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It’s also worth pointing out in general:

1) Puzzle Combat is NEW while EP is old…

This may seem obvious but for things like QoL additions, it’s easier to add them to a NEW game than to an old one… There’s less code, less interferances etc… Just all simpler to add in & if it screws up, there are less ramifications

2) Different Dev Teams

As above, there are two different development teams working on the two different games. I don’t think that many (if any) resources were pulled away from EP to work on PC. The only one I know of recently moved back over to the EP project to work on updating / fixing / improving the AL & HA.

Not saying that there WEREN’T resources moved, just that I don’t think it was much…

3) Focus

EP is at the stage where they are content focused, hence the noticable lack of QoL improvements in the last little while. They seem to be focusing on releasing additional content for the existing player base such as Season 3, Seasonal Events, Challenge Event Overhaul, ToL, raid tournaments etc…

PC on the other hand is still VERY developmental so the focus is on just repeating and gradually adding bits and pieces… They are still short the full set of Challenge Events for example (only 3 / 5 so far) and are repeating existing content while they work on other stuff… So currently there is a second repeat of the first 5 hotm (no new ones).

4) Timeline.

EP was estimated / expected by the developers to be a 5-7 year game. They’re currently most of the way through the 3rd year of EP now.
So from a business perspective it makes sense to start working on the next project BEFORE the old cash-cow karks it…

It also makes sense to take learnings from your previous project into the next one… Hence why it seems that all the EP ideas are being added to PC…

I’m not saying that the system is perfect… Obviously both games could benefit from additional attention and more people on deck… BUT SGG seem set on that first part of their name. Small.

They are still keeping the teams relatively small, at least compared to some other major game developers… Is this hurting them? Possibly… I mean EP is still thriving & PC is showing promise…


Perhaps when PC is fully released they will start to bring some of the enhancements in that game back to E&P, make it a two-way street. For now they are probably learning the ins and outs of making all these improvements in PC so that they can add them in to E&P more smoothly later. At least I can fervently hope so. I personally have no interest in playing PC myself. Fantasy storylines have much more appeal to me than modern combat storylines for games. Although I did play Wolfenstein quite avidly for a while.

My biggest problem is any game with realistic guns, and realistic vehicles, is confusing them.

Gryphonkit, my wife, can tell me a Corvette 's manufacture year and a family friend can tell me a Glock’s caliber, but I find it easier to identify Proteus versus Wilbur, crit troops versus mana troops, arrow attacks versus dragon attacks, etc.

Fantasy, and Futuristic, games can have improbable graphics while contemporary games tend to go for more realistic graphics.


Which can be uncomfortably close to watching the news :rofl:


As a developer, that’s pretty rare. If they see this game nearing it’s end of life, that doesn’t happen. They will do as they do now with PC and 3 years after PC is released they’ll make Empires 2.

I’m not sure what they are thinking, I guess we’ll see how the rest of the year goes. Only Hero Academy was announced so my hopes aren’t very high.

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