Stop with the elemental summon pop-up

Can we please get rid of the new-ish elemental summon pop-up advertisement nearly every time you return to the stronghold from farming or hero roster? I’m constantly going back and forth from the map to SH to hero roster and it’s super annoying to have to click that away nearly every time.



Thank you. I second the motion.

No, you have to buy it :face_with_monocle:

Spend! Consume! Make 'merica great again.


I look at it as a reminder in case you are looking for that element.

Yes and if it was once/day sure. But it’s constantly popping up, one more annoying thing to have to click on. I already spend each month, no need to entice me. :slight_smile:


I was about to make this request when I found the topic… If it was only after initial log in or when the element changes I would understand but it’s very interrupting of game play. Not to mention as updates increase the load time of the game it doesn’t let you click the x until it decides it is finished resizing to my device screen size.

Overall just an annoyance I would gladly navigate the settings in game to disable were it to be made an option. All the epic deals and summons notifications make me feel like I’ve entered a television commercial break instead of my base.

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Careful u might make enemies by saying Make 'merica great again. !!! ah shoot no no please i was only quoting him and warning him !!! stop hitting me with your red/black flags! DEAD

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll discuss this here with the team.


Can please the game shut the hell up about these? They are not rare summon or so, it is a cycle. And every day every player has a free summon to visit the portal. Why do you keep reminding me about obakan, vi vica etc? I was amazed to see them when i first started and got really into inspecting every hero. But now i know all of them thoroughly. Check the rates of people clicking the popups. It must be the worst in efficiency. Everybody is clicking them away

I am really curious if anybody ever does any elemental summon after these numerous portals have been introduced to the game. I’d really like one less pop-up when i log in

Elemental summon probably is useful for a new player, when even a 3* could be helpful and having chance of getting 4*/5* for that color when your training camp and base is still far from lev 13 or 20. Not so useful anymore when you have 1-2 TC20.

New offer: Pay USD 1 to remove pop-up for 30 days. :smiling_imp:

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If it stopped all pop ups it would be worth it

Just 1 isn’t worth it though since now typically have 3 or 4 more behind it


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