Stop whining over Awar match ups please


Its not impossible to beat a team 20-25-30k above u. Build your teams with war as the focus. Meaning depth and not just empty depth either. Stop chasing every new 5* and build the 4 s and 5 s you have already. Then you’ll see that you can field 6 teams that are much more effective. Im tired of seeing teams with 2 AWESOME teams and then 4 unleveled 4 and 5*s complaining about unfair matchups. Do u really expect to be an asset in a war with that kind of top heavy team? If so talk to my friend Albert Einstein. Stop complaining and put work into all 6 teams. Then, you’ll see that in the 2nd half when they r getting single digit attacks, and you’re still 1 flagging 3500tp teams that it was worth the time you invested.


I’m no fan of the whining, for sure Titan, but saying

Stop complaining and put work into all 6 teams.

Is a tall order.

I’ve been playing daily since march and only have 2 teams of 4* levelled.


I totally agree. It is a tall order. It takes patience. Im f2p except for the VIP pass. Its taken me 1 full year to be able to put 6 solid war teams on the field. Another 6 months, ull have 4 full maxed 4* teams at your current pace. A fully maxed 4* team at about ~~ 3450tp will beat a 3700 team with one maxed 5* hero and 4 2.60 5s or 4 3.60 4s 8/10 times. But again, i do agree- and i never said it wuld come fast nor easily. It takes grinding, patience, And smart usage of the ascension materials. Keep up the good work, and lmk how ur roster looks in another 6 months! I bet you’ll be just fine :sunglasses:


I am playing since July 2017
And I just have 2 team also.
F2P players can’t have every thing that P2P could.
Thats why they shout louder maybe some one hear.
P.S: You are whining too btw.


Sure they can. It just takes longer. Or more dedication.

I have been playing since August 2017. I’ve bought the VIP pass twice, mainly for the second builder. I figure it has spared me about two months.

I have 39 heroes of 4* or 5*. Most of them from TC20, otherwise TC13, epic hero tokens, and a 10x elemental pull I saved up gems for.

Okay, some of them are not levelled at all. Some of them are underways. Most of them are maxed. For the last few wars, I’ve not used 3* heroes.

It takes patience and dedication. But it doesn’t take money to field 6 good teams.


Im not sure how often u play. Nor do i really care. If u only have 2 decent teams for war in about 15-16 months, you really need to rethink your gameplay. And if u think im whining please don’t comment on my posts. Thanks!


Its a game of luck. You were lucky and I am not.
In 100 TC20 pulls I only got 1 5☆ hero and he is not even worth it.
AMs are like ice in a desert to me.
You can imagin that I only get gloves from the rare events. Never a drop. With out gloves you can’t ascend any thing.
From saved up gems I only had a chance to pull only 1 Darke and ofc I couldn’t ascend him.
I did not have the chance to get VIP before till only 4 days ago.
But not mainly for the second builder I got it for its bouns gems.
@Sidhekin I don’t blame the game. After accepting the fact that its all about luck, there is nothing I can do if I am not lucky :slight_smile:


I don’t know what titans you are fighting, but perhaps change alliances if you are not getting mats.
We have a mix of f2p and c2p players and they both progress, some just a bit more slowly


I am very active player … who have life. I don’t know about you.
I used to be F2P till 4 days ago, got VIP for 2 months. Only to use of the gems.
Need more info read my replay to Sidhekin.
How you look at me (I don’t really care)
But when you make a post shouting at other players calling them Whinners then I will replay.
If you don’t like people’s whining posts … then please STOP reading their posts.


I have moved between sevral alliances already.
Nothing changes.
Its not the alliances fault, it just tge fact of my life. I am not lucky :smile:


Try us if you like… I am about to post about a vacancy.


Thanks for the offer mate … but I am not going to risk my points in the AW chest on any case unless the rewards comes in silver coins and bunch of oil and coal then staying in alliances is not even worth it.


Three problems:

  • Just 100 TC20 pulls? You’ve played for longer than that; I did 100 TC20 pulls in the last 3 months, average of two camps running TC20; I used to run 3 or 4 camps at TC20, so I must have made more than 200 TC20 pulls total.
  • You’re looking at 5* heroes only, ignoring the 4* heroes. I didn’t even specify how many 5* heroes I have: It’s the 4* heroes that make the backbone of my war teams.
  • A 5* hero not worth it? If a 5* hero, no matter which, does not make a difference in wars, you’re not playing right.

That’s hard to imagine, but okay …

People have done the math and determined that you get enough to advance one 5* of each element in a year, from rare events alone.

Sure, I’ve had more luck than that. Got hidden blades from a titan yesterday. But even so I need more. (Rings, royal tabards, even gloves for 4* heroes …) That’s part of the game.

But even with some of my 4*-or-better heroes just partially ascended, they perform better than 3* heroes. I can field six better-than-3* teams for war. I see no good reason why you couldn’t.


I did 100 pulls and quit doing Tc20 … I have many 4☆ heroes and need to leve/ascend them no need for more confusion, so I use TCs for feeders …


After running 3 or 4 TC20s for a while, I did the same, briefly.

But then, how come you have only two teams? TC11/19/3 should have given you enough fodder for several 4* teams by now. I still see no reason why you should have fewer teams than I have.

Sure, some of your teams might be stuck at 3/60, what with your bad luck with AM, but that just means you can get there even more quickly than I …


AM … lake of AM.
My 2 teams are the ones with fully level/ascend
Got others but not maxed.
So I can’t call them teams.


Ah, okay, I misunderstood you.

Fully ascended, I have 22 heroes. Enough for four teams, I guess.

And if it really is lack of AM that’s keeping you from ascending more, then I concede: I’ve had more luck than you.