STOP using harpoons people

Our team is not going to use harpoons anymore - we have noticed that E and P thinks 4 star titan parts are goodnloot and giving you that instead of usable 3 and 4 star ascension items - when we dont use harpoons we actually get ascension items - we sont give s*** about titan parts because we will NEVER use them - cost is waaaaaay too high for the c*** you get


I don’t user harpoons for the titan parts. I use harpoons for the defense down debuff, as that opens up a slot on my titan team (Such as not needing to use Buddy/Grimm/etc).


the purpose of the harpoon is not for the titan pieces, but to decrease the attack strength of the titan the titan pieces are successful. :sorrir:

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Harpoon can’t miss due to Ranvir/Wu Kong effects.

Harpoon 1 - 0


I love titanium shields… 40k hits with three Derrics, yes please.

So I need them shells :shell:


You’re totally within your rights to not use harpoons, but I’m confident that titan parts have no effect on other loot drops.



…and sometimes this (for my alt that must Wu, for lack of a Miki…).

I’ve never tried this before, but I’m curious if that still works as of v27? The release notes mentioned a “Counter attacker’s base damage can’t be higher than the defender’s current health” fix and I’m not sure if I’m reading that right, but does it mean your Derrics can’t reflect back damage greater than their own health now?


You know what…I haven’t tried it for a couple of days because I ran out of shells…

Can’t test until tomorrow :anguished:


Everyine is missing the main point - not only is ascension loot neefed when you do stage 1 of harpoons, its the complete lack of resources available to buy the harpoons and shields etc - all of my foos goes to elevating heroes, whatever food is left over is used to get a few mana potions etc - never have any food to raise troops, never food for upgrading buildings, never food to do research, never food to buy the stuff from titan parts etc etc

Wait, what? Not THE AIFE?



Aife is too skiled to be hitted by titans in first place so titanium shield wouldn’t reflect anything on her :frowning:


This. My PR is 91K on a rare titan and it took zero work. Such a huge help for rare titans to get your score up to a B.

Plus it’s HL3 to get them, not a huge investment here.

Ooph, that would be a huge nerf to the shields. Might be getting a rare tomorrow to try it out. Maybe @zephyr1 knows. The way I read it was that the value of the counterattack from Shielded Team Derric (say 3.0K) would be reduced to 2.0K if the titan was at only 2,000 health left.

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Ascension loot is definitely not nerfed when you any harpoons.

As for your other comment, that’s player-by-player. A lot of people are at a point where they can’t use ham fast enough, they have to store it in TC20. I currently have 31 TC20 trainings stored up, which is about 9 million ham. And I know that’s a drop in the bucket compared to some of these guys.


You will wait for years for those 20s to end - i want to develope ny heroes not sit on my thumbs for years

The point is not to wait for the tc to spit out the heroes, but to store food and recruits for future use. I once had 3 months worth of tc20 sitting there. When I needed the food, I would back out a few recruits.

Regardless, this thread is about harpoons. You’re welcome to not use them - I know some who don’t. Personally, I use them for the -defense.

As for this - please provide proof as I’ve yet to see a difference. Otherwise, it’s just confirmation bias.


It does work. Here’s two of my hits using titanium shields on the 14 star Harpy day before yesterday (96k and 120k). Later I hit another 120k. I always use shields on my first 3 hits (only rares), and then go back to normal hits. :slight_smile:


If its truly 31 trainings you’re only talking 62 days…couple months. Bit of an exaggeration saying “years”.

@ChoppedLiver and @JAWS_3D
Don’t think so as the titanium shields are “reflect” not counter.


My alliance hit the third harpoon tier for the first time ever the other day and I got a d-blade with a C grade.

edit: others got scopes (2), darts (3), gloves (3), compass (1), tabard (1) that I know of (it was rare with darts for bonus)


Like this one?


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