Stop Titan timer when Titans use Special Skill

The time in titans battel is very important right. Every second counts, so can you stop the timer when titans use their special power? Because it waste precious sencods not attacking it.


Yep yep. Time is precious. Good call!
Maybe even a 5 second bonus for an awesome combo or something…:rofl:


Yeah that’s a great idea

Please come back. Please

It’d be nice to allow the heroes to fire off their specials if they’re charged when time runs out.


I don’t think a pause button would be right.

Unfortunately, one of my personal annoyances is the time it takes for titan specials to fire off. I think that we should be allowed to manipulate the board as the special is going off. Unless, of course, the titan special destroys all the heroes.

One thing I try to do when I fire off a bunch of specials (especially the elaborate 5* specials) is to pick a match and use it immediately after. Although someone in my alliance has bosswolf and says that bosswolf’s special covers up the board which makes him worthless v titan. (I just asked him wth he’s using a very slow hero v a titan…)

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Atleast stop the Titan timer when you get a phone call.
Its a mobile game, its common sense - when you get a call, the whole screen is taken up and you can play the damn game - why does the timer stop ?
For such an established game - seems to be a very glaring bug.
(made me make a forum account just to complaint about that)

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LOL yeah, that can really screw up a titan hit for sure.

I put my phone on Do Not Disturb mode for that very reason. I still get a little notification, but one click and it gets sent straight to voicemail.



The timer not stopping results in a different strategy.

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Check your phone settings. Solving the problem will take much less time than registering on the forum. )))

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I’d like to see some special tiles that when used will give you additional seconds.

If you stun the titan, it won’t do slash attack or the time consuming skill, which essentially saving time by few seconds.

Or you can just use Time Stop instead of stunning…

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I’d enjoy titans a lot more (and disturb neighbours less with no more expletives!) if say the timer was only ticking while it was your turn (like how chess works iirc?)… and the timer stops as soon as you activate your tile move. A huge unfavourable cascade shouldn’t eat up all those seconds as well as charging the titan to rub salt into the wound. The timer still provides stress in making moves, so the main challenge is still there.

Honestly I’d be fine with the titan timer being 1:00 or even 0:45 if it stopped each time your UI is blocked.

Its iOS 13, I’ll have to jailbreak the phone - just to change that setting.
Also, Is it unreasonable to ask them to fix something so basic for a mobile game ?
TGW - some phone calls are important and you cannot ignore them.

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