STOP the whining & complaining

Again, this post was about the constant complaining. Let’s keep to the golden rule.
"Who has the gold makes the rules. "
Not that one.
“If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all.”
Honestly, why would you even post on a form that you don’t agree with. It’s easy enough to pass up.
Just cause you don’t agree, doesn’t give you right to be nasty.

I loved your post, you had a good point you shouldn’t have deleted it.

I think you’re trying to say that if someone doesn’t agree with something, they should just move along and not say anything?

To which I have to say: are you at all familiar with how Human society has advanced over time?

I’ll give you a hint. It isn’t by being quiet and accepting the status quo.

I am going to invoke someone just now. And I hope youll consider the power of the human voice to speak out against perceived injustice - regardless of how small or big. Because sometimes even a smaller grievance voiced in the right forum can have a profound impact in time.

BAM. That’s right. Rosa frickin Parks.

I’m bringing the HEAT SON.

So don’t tell me to get out the kitchen cuz I don’t even think it’s HOT IN HERE.

If you’re feeling the heat then YOU get out the kitchen :laughing:


Ignoring the lost souls that can’t find another form or the mute button.
Why would you play a game that you can’t stand to play. Why not quit and if you quit then why post about quitting. Just quit already. Don’t rain on everyone elses good time. There are many more games out there that are easier.
Be the light.

I enjoy the game.

Doesn’t mean I think it’s perfect.

Far from it. I think it can be better.

And when I say better, I don’t strictly mean a better gameplay experience, mind you.

B T Dubbs it’s an open forum. So you can ignore me but I can still see what you write and respond to it.

As far as you “being the light” - ignoring someone and then making a passive aggressive jab at them isn’t very lighthy.

I hereby sentence you to community service for that nose hole comment (time off sentencing for positive Rosa Parks reference) and offer you a timely reminder of the Forum Rules.

Furthermore, THIS topic is a plea to stop whining/complaining about the game. Therefore any whining/ complaining in this topic will be considered technically Off-Topic and may be flagged and/or removed.

There are other topics to complain in. If you must. :wink:

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I’m sorry, Rook. This conversation about why people complain has drawn a lot of complaints. I’ve been trying to keep it positive. Please don’t punish the masses because of one person. Thank you for all you do.

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Any intelligence people have a theory on why people find it so hard to be nice? It’s honestly easy. But yet over and over again there are people venting about the game they are playing. I was answering the Facebook question and all down the comments people were ranting about how they never win. I hope these people never play the lottery. Lol

My favorite thing 2 do when this game irritates me is to go rate it 1* on playstore and upvote every 1* rating. I’m tired of games that make u irritated.

Keyword: people. You’re not discussing with average people here. You’re discussing with the vocal minority of a gamer community of a competitive game.

That sets a stage. Credit to this community it’s actually a civilized stage, most of the time. I’ve seen a lot worse.

FB is the most accessible place to file your complaints. Just paste it underneath any FB post by the company as a kind of virtual diarrhoea. Why bother to go to a forum where you need to register. So basically all the negative excrement gathers on social media. And SG probably ignores most of that because their server metrics tell them retention is fine, new user acquisition is fine, so as long as they are complaining, they’re still spending and playing.

Someone is going to make a mobile game out of that and monetize all that irritation and make a fortune doing so.

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I do have my own theory, but I’m not assuming I’m intelligent haha! In the first post in this thread I linked to my thread “The polarities of energy in people”. There I wrote this:

Basically, your "if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all’’ saying has turned into “nice guys finish last” in society of nowadays. One of the reasons bullying through a screen and bashing on others to make yourself more happy is an event seen more often than before. We can thank (social) media for that.

On certain days you feel like doing something good but you see someone do something so hurtful or disappointing it takes all the positive energy out of you. You say one little thing to such a person and they immediatly go to a corner and overthink it to the point they take it too personally; it’s the chain reaction our world has gotten into and I am sure it’s getting to all of us in someway.

The previous generation was different; people looked up to kind people instead. They held the door open for other people. I myself am I nice person. I know you’re asking yourself why this matters and probably think I could be a suck up. Of all the compliments I wish to receive, the ones telling me I’m kind are the ones I want to hear. I’d like to be part of the reason someone their day became better, simply because I was nice.

I do make mistakes also. Then sometimes people act like it’s the end of the world. Or that I have changed in a bad way. I then try to apoloigize but often they chose to ignore my apology and stick to believing their story is true. Often there are no more ‘‘two sides to every story’’.

But here’s the thing: everyone is fighting a battle you might not know about! No matter how a person appears to be, just a smile or asking how they are doing could make their day! :slight_smile:

This is my ‘‘in-general’’ theory. @Bertus just replied with a more in depth approach towards E&P community. +1 :+1:


My personal observation on why you see so much complaining (vs actual constructive criticism and positive posts) is people with a different view of the situation get shouted down, berated, beaten, kicked and thrown down a deep, dark virtual well for expressing their opinion. Even a nicely worded, well-thought out response that expresses a different opinion or experience gets stomped on. The P2W thread is a great place to find a few examples of this (Glances at @Rook).

There are many opinions on this forum - some I agree with and some I don’t. I respond when I feel I can be helpful, etc. but in the end this is a forum about a game. Games should be fun - not stressful. Getting yelled at for my differing opinion is stressful so I typically don’t post in those situations. I’m guessing there are plenty more out there with the same attitude.

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Actually I was making a funny, and thought @Duaneski knew me well enough to get the joke…especially the last part (“…off-topic…”) since my entire post was off-topic.

Lesson learned. Not allowed to have fun while wearing badge. Rats! :grin:


Sorry! Been a while since I read that part of the thread :grin: I just remembered your post was very sensible and non-offensive yet you were attacked for it. You definitely aren’t the only example, but your name is just easy to remember (and I’m NOT reading that entire thread again! LOL). :joy:

Buuuut Roooooook those are the only kind of posts I know how to make :crying_cat_face:

You, my dear friend, have this passive aggressive thing mastered.

Do we have any medals for that ?

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I don’t believe these generalizations help immensely.

Actually recently I stopped and helped a guy with his flat tire. I’m not a mechanic by ANY stretch lol. But it was winter time and I was worried about him. At first I thought I would help him put on his spare tire. Then found out he didn’t have a spare. So we got in my car, drove to sears and I purchased him a new tire. Went back and we put it on together. It was freezing out hah. But he didn’t have the money (or didn’t cop to it :stuck_out_tongue: ) and needed the help.

My parents did raise me to be helpful and thoughtful. And of all the qualities that make me me, that is what they’re most proud of.

Being nice is important. Essential even. (Interesting note: at some point my dad taught me you don’t do nice things to hear someone say thank you. You do it because it’s the right thing.)

I think this was an important thing he taught me. Because when I’m deciding what is the right thing to do, I’m trying to look as objectively as possible at “what is the right thing to do here?”

Not, “what is gonna make someone say thank you?”

Sometimes, they are gonna be the same thing. Like when I helped that gentleman with his tire.

Sometimes, like when I’m shouting into the aethar about SG and their gacha slot machine, it is going to be very far from the same thing.

I can live with that, because that’s how my moral compass works and it’s what I believe is right.

As you said, it’s hard to know where people are coming from.


They do not help immensely, but I do believe that there is a difference. For a fact to me I notice this difference when I walk to my office. I love cheerfully greeting people on my way. I think that giving this small form of attention to someone else can already make the present moment for both of us better. But it’s the older generation that emanates the same kindness and looks me in the eyes while I greet someone. I rarely notice that a younger person takes this initiative towards me or at all responds to my greeting. I think this example alone, already shows that the level of kindness shifts between generations. Or…perhaps I’m just a creep. :ghost:

I understand the differences between being nice to do the right thing and being nice to hear someone say thank you. You describe it neatly and in a way that makes it easy to understand. I do also believe that doing the right thing can always be done in a kind/nice way, even if you disappoint or hurt someone a bit. A matter of empathy and choosing the right words. A characteristic and skill I think you have already fully mastered.

Random Acts of Kindness Day only comes around once a year, but I am happy to read that you contribute to making these acts appear more often! It also makes me excited to read that your dad, parents, raised you to change the world for the better; not for the worse. I hope you will pass this way-of-life on to others, so that another chain reaction will be continued; the chain reaction of kindness :slight_smile:

So at what looks to be nearing the end of this thread, we’re all gonna gather around a virtual campfire, roast some marshmallows, toast on people being people and how that makes this world both amazing and terrible at times, let @Rook crack some jokes, laugh about them regardless if they’re lame or actually good, and be all mellow? :+1:

I can handle that. Wait till you hear me sing Cumbayah. I’ll grunt it if you wish.:scream:


May I bellow a hello, my mellow mallow fallow fellow?

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Only if I get to bring my Harmonica! :grin:

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