STOP the whining & complaining

It seems like you take my messages very personal. Maybe I have directly replied to you in the past what makes this feeling appear, but know that I do not address my writing to you directly. My purpose is not to make anyone mad or to make anyone believe he or she is an idiot.

The summoning example I gave was just a general thought I have. I don’t think people are stupid when they pull. I do spend some money pulling heroes also. But since I know that chances are small on getting a desired hero, I will not start writing about how bad the summoning system is and ‘‘write bad words about SGG’’. This is for some people a way of releasing their anger indeed. If it helps them, they should keep on doing it.

I, however, will only write about how SSG could improve our way to obtain the heroes we desire. I like the positive approach. I also think that if you want to write a complaint in order to release your anger, it would be wise to include a way of improvement in it. You will trigger other people to respond to your message in agreeing with you on a different level. Getting people on your side is a good feeling right? You will be supported and your anger will disappear more quickly. Basically, it’s a win-win situation for everyone! :slight_smile:

Again. It is only advice. I do not want to force you or anyone into ‘‘doing it my way’’. I’m just sharing my thoughts, so that maybe you or anyone else could actually feel better. I care about my fellow humans. If this style of talking is not liked by you, it is fine. I understand that we can not all agree with the intentions of our messages.

And to make it even more clearn, I don’t want you or anyone else to stop complaining. I wrote this somewhere else yesterday:

I also know that you don’t actually want me to write ‘‘my solution’’ on your AM material reward problem. You wrote these questions to ring bells in my head and show me that your anger on the game it’s system is legitimate and that I should respect your opinion on this matter. As you can read in the quote above, I do respect your opinion and think your ‘‘aggressive’’ way of writing messages is also needed for SGG to make their game better. We need a bit of everything.

Maybe, understanding my view on all of this now can make you feel a little bit less mad on me. Which, might just be a solution for ‘‘us’’ instead! :wink: I do hope so.


I’m happy to say I have no clue what you’re talking about.

I will however continue to “whine” as I see fit.

If you choose to read it, that’s on you pal

This looks amazing.

Why am I not surprised. Try a form that is dedicated to it and not one to stop it. Just an idea.

Let’s hope they replaced the ‘‘not so nice looking’’ hero cards of season 2 with images such as these. :slight_smile:

  1. Go here
  2. Hit “Reply” button
  3. Suggest your solution

Here an example:
Id really like if some ways to get a guaranteed ascension material would be implemented to prevent the lack of interest into the game given by the lack of ascension materials.

Suggestion: to add a count to monster’s chest where, after n° unsuccessful “golobal” unfarmable rolls (from titans, monster/raid/titan chests, rare quest) the next monster chest would give a guaranteed ascension material.

Not the solution as it cold be implemented only by devs but a suggestion for it.

I don’t know, I personally like the art work in the game. I’m not much into anime or cartoons or cell shading, this look appeals to me.

Yes I think it’s awsome for 4 & 5 yr olds at kindergarten.

THEY would love it.

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If that’s kindergarten, then chain me to the wall.

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I believe game has periods when is increased chance to get something good (AM and heroes) and also there is time when is decreased chance to get something. In long period of time there is some kind of balance but when you hit that empty period then frustration just grows.

Such system is good for regular high money spenders. You can pull nothing and later you can pull a lot. Kind of balanced way. Problem is that if you are not regular spender and hit that empty period.

Above written is my speculation about how game works. My personal and some other people experience. Still could be coincidence that 1 month I get 80 items and next month very minimal. And then cycle starts again.

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I’ll give you the same advice as I give the people in my alliance. Play the game to have fun. You didn’t start the game to get a certain character. You started to have fun with the puzzle board. This game is supposed to be relaxing. Be happy with what you have. And thankful for what you get. Remember, wanting something can be fun.

I agree with everything you wrote and flagged the guy who insulted you. Totally uncalled for.

Well, thank you. Just trying to make one small spot on the internet a good experience for all.
Besides, the first rule of decision is if someone resorts to insults you normally you have won the discussion. :wink:

Be honest, many many people love and hate this game in same time. I kind of agree with you, main reason to play this game is to get fun. And E&P delivers it perfectly. Problem with fun part is huge spendings for just a chance to get something. Some people are not paying at all, some people are paying something. For these groups are much easier. But when you spend a lot of money and get nothing then it is not fun anymore. Once I spent a lot of money, got zero 5* heroes. I decided that I will spend money for another 20 pulls, win (get 5* hero and stay) or loose (get nothing and delete game). So serious it was. I got HOTM… Didn’t delete game…

About my current situation… It is not good but I believe I will ride the horse again. Just have to survive. Only is not easy.

I’m sorry you lost money. But spending money on an internet game is like throwing money away. Only spend what you wouldn’t mind losing. I played this other internet game for five years, spent hundreds of dollars over that time to have them stop supporting the game. It hurt bad, but now I know better.
Be patience you will get the hero you dream of, without spending money. In the mean time you can beat the game with 3* hero’s if you use them correctly, I know cause I’ve done it.
Good luck to you & stay positive. :wink:

We talked in my alliance about spending money here. Some people spend money for parties - drinks, drugs, girls or whatever. Or spending in some other useless things. I spend my free money here. If I keep spending money then that means I’m fine.

E&P is some kind of hobby to me. At this moment, in the future it can change. It depends how game will grow.

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I don’t know what you are expecting but thats not so amazing.
On reverse, many new heroes are kinda pokemon style, sadly.

If you look at Justice or even just Belith, you’ll see a drop of content quality in this season 2.

I love Pokemon style.
I hope you are pleasantly wrong about season 2.
Only 8 more days to wait & find out.

Less negativity, y’all!



Seriously, if you REALLY want me to break out that link to Forum Rules, I can…

Whining about whiners whining about whiners…

This reminds me of the movie Inception!



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