Stop Telluria discussions

It is time to get over with all this Telluria discussion,almost every topic is Telluria,and moderators should delete things like that,she is still no1 tank and all top teams have same teams as before i don’t understand so much complaining and crying for changes,she was soo OP and they did god job with nerf,no hate for nobody c’mon lets be litlle positive


Totally agree, unfortunately the mods are pretty busy. But mainly this forum gives people a chance to share their point of view with others.

In other news, do visit this post for some much needed comic relief:

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We have indeed been doing this and have (I think) kept things pretty contained to only a couple threads.

Any thread you don’t want to see anymore you can always mute:

You can also flag a thread as “something else” if you feel it is out of control or in need of closing or merging elsewhere.

Tnx on replay i know you are busy this days have a nice day

This is a paradoxon…

A thread about Telluria to stop Telluria threads.

I’m confused :rofl:


We’re going the full cycle here.

Soon there will be a topic about let’s just stop with these topics to stop Telluria discussions.

Me personally I am happy this is now just a debris. I hope people will get over it by end of month and June we can start complaining just about Hero Academy or Alchemy Lab like the good old times.


Next week everyone will either have quit or gotten used to it.

We’ll get our forum back. :star_struck:


We’ve also had complaints about the number of Telly threads we have closed (probably dozens).

As long as we’re annoying everyone equally, it’s a good sign we’ve got the balance right :+1:


I don’t think Telluria discussions must be stopped. Some people are hurt by the Telluria nerfing, emotionally and financially. They needs some outlet for their feeling.
Personnally I don’t care. I just ignore the threads with the title Telluria.

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Hero Academy is definitely going to be worth complaining over. Level 10 is horrible.

I don’t know why people are still complaining? They said they would quit! Stick to your guns people! If you were only playing because of one hero, please go and spam another game’s forum :kissing_heart:


Yeah thought the same let’s draw more attention to who shall not be named.

20 you know who topics :zipper_mouth_face:

I think the OP has made the point and due to this being a bit of a paradox, I’m going to close the thread due to the risk to the space-time continuum.

Rest assured that we do our best to close all duplicate or superfluous threads, regardless of the topic. Telluria remains a topic of interest to many players, please follow the advice from @Guvnor above to mute them


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