Stop! Soul Exchange does not fix the problem

For as long as people have been requesting a better 5* trade system I find this to be beyond insulting. What the majority want is a way to swap heroes with teammates.

If you have us pitching 20 heroes for one that takes the option we want right off the table because how ticked off would we have to be if after burning all our extra stock for a few new ones (those of us that have been playing long enough to even have them to trade I should add!) the devs finally realize what should be done and give us the option to trade?

Seriously, it’s not rocket surgery. Why not do that one thing people really want for once?


because it would go against their (financial) interests, obviously.

Trading will never happen, unless they add an exorbitant cost to any trade.


For few Billions, you can trade Zynga… :slight_smile:

(Oops… too late for that too :frowning: )


@Sairion …
To be honest, I will give this a go first time around and possibly go for either Killhare or Ursena. But I agree with what you are saying. The majority of players wanted the opportunity to exchange duplicate heroes with alliance colleagues.
However I doubt that this would ever happen because it would greatly impact on the revenue generated in the game.
Soul Exchange now gives many veteran players the opportunity of a clear out for at least something new … but you are right in that it is extortionate. We can only hope that it’s tweaked as we move forward… fingers crossed.


Considering that it might be tweaked in the future, I am 50/50 on holding back on the first one and then doing a trade when it comes around again. I haven’t checked alllll of the forum posts about this, but I’m assuming Soul Exchange will return maybe every 3 months.

As much as I could do with Skadi, Ursena or Killhare, I’d be dipping into a pool of really good event dupes to get them. Like (i am sure) a lot of people, I converted my original, very large, store of food in TC20 to a TC12, and then converted it back to tc20 to hopefully gather a few more S1 Soul fodder.

#S.Exchange is not exactly the ideal solution we’d hoped for, but it probably is the best we could have expected.


I will probably pick up Killhare, i need her for m def team for wars and regular raids, i have Roostley already they should pack a punch together.

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Hello. But then the heroes we had seen in the previews are confirmed? I think this news is good. But I think it is more right to give a value to each hero. Those of the first season may not have the same value as those of the fourth season Don’t you think?

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No confirmations yet. We’re just assuming that the path of least resistance will be taken, and the same roster will be offered. Really hoping that it’s not so, as there are other heroes I need more, but I’d also really like to get some roster space back from all the useless 5* I’ve been holding.

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Thank you very much… We will see!

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If I agree to the OP, it will only be conditional, that hero exchange of same season / event heroes via the trading method being asked for with same season / event … heroes.
Example: Trade season-1 with only season-1 hero. Exchange grim forest with only grim forest hero.
I am sure players know that all season-1 heroes are sitting useless & no one will trade new / better heroes for season-1… :wink:
that too will have some practical problems… which I have no interest in going into…bcoz of emotions flying all over.

Coming to the point of Soul exchange… I find it a brilliant initiative. The only spoiler = key drawback is the high number of exchange heroes to get the tier hero one wants. Two points will make the soul exchange sensible & a fun experience:

  • Make the soul exchange happen for points and give different / incremental points to heroes from season-1 till season-4 with lower for season-1 and increasing per season till season-4. Same logic for Event heroes as per the year of introduction.
    This way roster heroes will get better / deserving valuation instead of all heroes being equated to a season-1 hero which is ABSOLUTELY unfair = causing all anti-game / SG sentiments. @Petri … Fyi .

  • Reduction of tier- wise hero requirement from existing numbers.

Though the final tier / numbers might change from those in beta… so one has to wait. The heroes might also change, unless it has been confirmed somewhere that the same beta heroes will be the ones offered in first soul exchange then I missed it and would be happy to know…



I just want to clear some roster spots and do away with some heroes I’ll never touch.


Meh…considering I previously ate dupes I am happy to have an option now to get something instead of virtually nothing for them.

Personal preference, but I would actually prefer that a 5* hero counted for a complete 50 levels if they were fed, and more if they had been previously leveled obviously. In truth something like that would have even more value to me than the Soul Exchange.

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Im holding out on the first one, depending on what I get at challenge festival I have 10 I can trade maybe 12 as things could change I don’t see it personally.

But trading between players I honestly don’t seeing… Players complain about seeing top teams with all these hero’s, imagine if they could all sawp together sure there would be rules but it but it would make it a whole lot worse… Plus sgg want yah to pull aswell…


Honestly… what do you want? To trade between your 20 accounts?

To send Horghalls for Ruby’s or Xnol’s that landed there on a lucky free coin summon and to get 1 or 2 accounts really strong?

Would that be fair? I would open 20 accounts just to get those free EHT and coins from completing seasons… after sending the best of the best I would delete accounts.

And no, players do not want to exchange heroes between alliance colleagues just between accounts they own.

I believe this exchange you ask will never happen, for the good health of the game.

Instead of asking for this “zero value trade system” we should be asking for better % at Hero Academy and better heroes from there.


Good points, some of which I avoided in my above comment.

Nice to read intelligent & pertinent points / reasoning :+1:

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Being that my game has an exchange shop its pretty simple. 3 star heroes are silver coins, 4 star heroes are gold coins, 5 star heroes are platinum coins, event heroes are festival coins. 20 silver get you a gold hero, 30 gold get you a 5 star, with 2 on sale for 20 every week varying, 5 star heroes have different prices based on the status, 5 for the cheapest, 7 for norm, 9 for advanced and 3 festival coins for top of the line heroes.

No need to trade with other players, no rng, cut and dry an exchange shop that has been in the game since it came out. 2 year anniversary is in March, at no point had this shop stopped people from summoning as people no longer worry as much because you can literally make an attempt to plan for heroes you want. There are multiple shops and the Uber heroes are only avaiable once every few months.

The soul exchange is a joke, and only whales find it useful considering any true ftp are lucky to get even 3 5 stats a year.

Just stop with your defending of useless addidtions and make then ad something useful.

Getting heroes here won’t break any balance because all the stuff u need to level them are still controlled by the worst RNG system i have ever seen.


20 * 1 is not too much for a wale. We have seen on this forum a guy with 19 Viscaros… Imagine how many dupes they have to exchange.

I think a possible solution for f2p players could be one more option. Exchange 5 heroes for a random 5* Hero.

F2p players have few 5* heroes. And maybe just season 1 dupes. So most random héroes should be welcome…

The thing is big spenders wont even need soul exchange, they will probably already have GM, KH and Garj and better heroes than that even.

I’m not sure who Soul Exchange is really aimed it if 20 5*s are required for a recycle.

I have 20 5s but no way would I exchange 20 5s for 1 5* if that’s what it is all about.



I will be concentrating on what 5* costume is offered

Classic 5* costumes are so hard to get, and most of my duplicates are Classic 5*, so a good 5* costume would boost my roster the most


By making heroes more accessible, it also allows more extreme balance, and rebalance

Nerfing a hero does not cancel a $ 1940+ USD Gravemaker from Soul Exchange

Buffing Horghall does not mean people do not care about Gravemaker

PS @DoctorStrange where do you hang out off Take Two/ Zynga/ SGG owned forum?

Catch up

This is a catch up mechanic for new whales



Fair enough but I think it goes against the definition of a whale if it’s just one exchange per SE event.